Norwalk Seaport Association Offering Tours of Greens Ledge Lighthouse

Norwalk, CT - Greens Ledge Lighthouse, on the Register of Historic Places, is one of 33 sparkplug lighthouses still in existence in the United States and remains an active aid to navigation. It is located just off the coastline of Norwalk close to Sheffield Island Lighthouse, owned by the Norwalk Seaport Association which is open for tours and special events.
The Norwalk Seaport Association in partnership with Greens Ledge Light Preservation Society is offering inaugural tours of Greens Ledge Lighthouse to the public on Saturday, September 17, and Sunday, September 18. These are the first public tours of Greens Ledge Lighthouse in more than 120 years. Tickets are available for $60 per person. To purchase tickets click here 
Tours depart from the Sheffield Island Lighthouse Dock at 10 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday and return at 1 p.m. The dock is located at the corner of North Water Street and Washington Street in South Norwalk. Parking is available adjacent to the dock and at the Norwalk Maritime Center Garage. Visitors must wear sturdy close-toed shoes (no sandals or flip-flops) and anticipate walking up and down steep stairways. Children 10 and older are welcome to this cruise.
The major restoration work has been completed enabling the Society to launch a new program, the "Next 100 Years” of Greens Ledge Light.” The vision of the Greens Ledge Light Preservation Society is to transform Greens Ledge Lighthouse into a beacon of research, education, and sustainability, which will engage the local community. As the Society evolves they anticipate that programming will provide an additional avenue for fundraising and community engagement to help sustain their operating budget and minimize the need for capital campaigns for decades to come.


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