Barcelona Named First Restaurant in U.S. to Import Maddy Txakoli

Norwalk, CT – Barcelona Wine Bar and Restaurant is excited to introduce the latest addition to the exclusive “Gretchen’s Selections” portfolio from our award-winning wine list -- Maddy Txakoli.  Barcelona is the first restaurant to feature Maddy Txakoli in the United States, and the story behind the selection is indeed unique.  During a visit to Spain earlier this year, the beautifully designed bottle caught the eye of Barteca’s Wine and Spirits Director, Gretchen Thomas. “I attended Alimentaria in Barcelona, and while wandering around between appointments in the Basque wines area, I came across the Maddy Txakoli,” says Thomas. “Because my daughter’s name is Maddy, I was curious to taste the wine, having no expectations. I was shocked by its great quality. I tasted over 100 wines that afternoon, and Maddy was the one I couldn’t stop thinking about after leaving the trade show. It was the one wine I wish I could have found in a bar somewhere in the city so I could drink it myself!  =I knew it would be a perfect wine for our program.” 

Named after the mythological goddess of nature, Maddy was known to wield her magic over the earth and influence the quality of the harvest. Maddy Txakoli is a sparkling wine that is an exclusive and unique product clearly distinguishable from other txakolis, which are typically green or bubby. Maddy is a white wine that is dry with high acidity and low alcohol content that captures the best qualities of the Ondarrabi Zuri variety of grape. It combines the best of the harvests of three historic producers in the Bizkaiko sub-region of Txakoli:  Berroja, Gurraxaja, and Virgen de Lorea. Maddy Txakoli pairs perfectly with grilled seafood and vegetables.

Maddy Txakoli is available by the glass or by the bottle at the following Barcelona Wine Bar and Restaurant locations:  Greenwich, Stamford, South Norwalk, Fairfield, New Haven and West Hartford.

About Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant

The award winning Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurants are known for exceptional food, outstanding wine selections and lively atmosphere. Co-owners Sasa Mahr-Batuz and Andy Pforzheimer began entertaining guests in 1996 with their first tapas and wine bar in South Norwalk. Today, Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant is  the largest Spanish restaurant group in the United States with six locations in Connecticut:  Greenwich, Stamford, South Norwalk, Fairfield, New Haven, West Hartford as well as locations in Atlanta, GA, Brookline, MA and Washington, DC. For more information, visit www.barcelonawinebar.com


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