Norwalk Fire Department Asks Residents, Businesses to Adopt-a-Hydrant

With the amount of snow expected today- a main concern of the Norwalk Fire Department is keeping the 600+ fire hydrants in the City cleared. Winter storms can often hide fire hydrants under a mountain of snow making them impossible to find quickly. In the event of a fire, firefighters have to first locate and shovel out buried fire hydrants before hooking up to them. Precious time is lost and lives may be impacted. The City is asking that residents please assist us with keeping the fire hydrant closest to their residence or business clear of snow. By adopting a hydrant, participants will be helping to protect themselves, their family, and their neighbors.

Residents and business owners are asked to Clear a path from the hydrant to the street, Clear a 3-foot perimeter around the hydrant and Remove ice and snow.

All assistance is appreciated. This is a great volunteer project for youth groups at our many Houses of Worship as well as Scout Troop and community service groups.