Red Cross to Host Smoke Alarm Install-A-Thon

he American Red Cross in Connecticut is partnering with communities across the state for the first ever Red Cross Install-A-Thon. The City of Norwalk will be participating in the Install-A-Thon on March 7.

The Red Cross will be visiting homes to install free smoke alarms in Norwalk on March 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. To make an appointment visit: www.redcross.org/ct/schedule-a-visit or call 1-877-287-3327 and choose option 1 on the menu to request a smoke alarm installation.

During the event, Red Cross workers will be joined by the City of Norwalk, the Norwalk Fire Department and community volunteers to visit homes throughout the city. They will share fire safety and preparedness information and install free smoke alarms in homes as requested.

Volunteers will help families understand the importance of fire safety and help them develop personalized family escape plans to use in case a fire breaks out in their home.

The Install-A-Thon is part of the Red Cross Home Fire Campaign to reduce the number of home fire deaths and injuries. In addition to the Norwalk event, the Red Cross is hosting this event throughout the state from March 6 – 10. A first-of-its-kind event, the Install-A-Thon will be taking place in the following locations:

* March 6: Torrington, CT

* March 7: Norwalk, CT

* March 8: New Britain, CT

* March 9: Tiverton, RI

* March 10: New London, CT

Residents of Install-A-Thon cities can schedule an appointment by visiting www.redcross.org/ct/schedule-a-visit in Connecticut or by calling 1-877-287-3327 and choosing option 1 on the menu to request a smoke alarm installation.

“Home fires are the biggest disaster threat faced in the U.S.,” said Mario Bruno, CEO, American Red Cross Connecticut and Rhode Island Region. “Our goal is to reach as many homes as we can with this program to help ensure people know what to do and are prepared in the event they experience a home fire. We know that for every 1,000 smoke alarms the Red Cross installs, one life is saved. Our goal is to save at least one life as a result of our Install-A-Thon.”

In addition to providing free smoke alarm installations and education, the Red Cross is looking for volunteers to help install the alarms, and to educate and provide safety information for this event and in their community throughout the year. Home Fire Campaign Volunteers are trained by the Red Cross, can volunteer during the day or on weekends and can help make a difference in their community. For more information on volunteering visit:


The Red Cross Install-A-Thon is made possible, in part, due to a grant from the William and Alice Mortensen Foundation.

Since October 2014, the Red Cross has worked with fire departments and community groups across the country as part of a multi-year campaign to reduce the number of home fire deaths and injuries by 25 percent. Home fires remain the biggest disaster threat to individuals and families in the United States.

Sixty percent of house fire deaths occur in homes with no working smoke alarms. This campaign is in direct response to the dire threat. The Red Cross is committing to install 2.5 million free smoke alarms in neighborhoods at high risk for fires, and to educate those residents about fire prevention and preparedness. As of August 2016, the Red Cross and partners have saved at least 100 lives as part of this campaign. Since the program began, the Connecticut and Rhode Island Region of the Red Cross has installed more than 10,000 smoke alarms between the two states.

Residents who reside outside the Install-A-Thon cities can always make an appointment for a free Red Cross fire safety visit and free smoke alarms at any time. The program is free and open to anyone in Connecticut.

For more information on the Red Cross Install-A-Thon, visit: http://www.redcross.org/news/event/local/connecticut/Red-Cross-Install-A-Thon.


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