Connecticut Residents Lose Thousands to Two Foreign Companies

Six Connecticut consumers have reportedly lost over $58,000 to two China–based companies according to BBB Scam Tracker. The two companies mentioned in the submissions are ITR (ITResources) and C2CX Exchange.
BBB Serving Connecticut identified a trend in Scam Tracker submissions regarding these two companies after receiving 6 submissions since June 2019 with high dollar losses.
ITR (ITResources) is an apparent I.T. service provider that designs and implements I.T. systems. Consumers in Connecticut mention hiring the company to design a mobile game, develop a call center, and build websites.
One Connecticut consumer claims to have lost $23,000 to the company even after speaking directly with the CEO about the project the company was hired to develop.
C2CX Exchange, according to its website, is a China-based digital asset exchange company (cryptocurrency exchange) which mainly trades in bitcoin.
Connecticut consumers claim to have issues withdrawing their funds and are unable to contact support. An online forum on titled "C2CX Review - is it scam or safe?" bares even more negative reviews and complaints about the company.
A man named Scott Freeman is mentioned as the CEO of both companies in several of the BBB Scam Tracker submissions. Some consumers even had phone conversations with the alleged CEO and then claim to have been "ghosted" by the company.
On the forum, Freeman left a comment stating that, "One of our key selling points as been customer service, both via telephone and online chat....People here complaining can reach out to me directly!!!" Consumers were referred to phone numbers and a LinkedIn page where they could contact him directly.
Nationwide, there have been Scam Tracker submissions mentioning ITR, C2CX Exchange, or Scott Freeman from 37 different states and Canada. The combined total loss from consumers could potentially exceed $2 million.
Better Business Bureau Serving Connecticut is cautioning consumers before doing business with these two companies.
If you feel like you have been a victim of a scam, report it to BBB Scam Tracker.
ITR and C2CX Exchange do not currently have BBB profiles since their primary business location is outside of North America.
ITR's website is still active at
C2CX Exchange's website is still active at