City Provides Safety Tips in Advance of First Major Snowstorm

The first measurable snowstorm of this winter is expected to begin tomorrow (Wednesday) and last through Thursday. Currently the area is expecting 8-14 inches of snow.

The City is preparing for the snowfall and residents should prepare as well. This includes filling up your gas tank and getting any provisions in advance. Residents should also bring holiday yard decorations that could become airborne and cause damage, especially inflatable decorations.

Residents are strongly encouraged to stay off the roads once the snow begins to allow time for DPW to clear the roads. If you need to head out, be sure to completely clear the windows and roof of your vehicle of ALL snow. Don’t use cruise control on snowy or icy roads and have some emergency supplies in your vehicle.

Though widespread outages aren’t expected with this storm, residents should prepare for power outages. This includes having flashlights/ lightsticks and charging mobile devices. Do not use generators, charcoal or propane grills indoors. Using this equipment indoors can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning and sickness.

Know your utility hotlines: Write down, or save outage hotlines for your electric utility provider. Report any outages to your provider. Don’t assume they know, or that someone else has reported it.

Don't forget to check on your elderly neighbors, just be sure to do it safely. 

For additional safety tips and updates on City activities, visit the Snow center at www.norwalkct.org 


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