New Proton Therapy Treatment Center in Danbury

Today, Danbury Proton published a notice of intent to submit a Certificate of Need (CON) to the Connecticut State Office of Health Strategy (OHS) for a new state-of-the-art, $80 million proton therapy treatment center at 85 Wooster Heights.
As proposed, the project would create over 100 construction jobs during a two-year period. When operational in 2023, Danbury Proton would employ over 30 full-time equivalent employees including radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation therapists, medical support and administrative staff. The new center would feature a revolutionary, U.S.-made Mevion proton therapy system manufactured in Littleton, Massachusetts.
“I am thrilled that the organizers chose our city to be their home,” says Mark D. Boughton, Mayor of Danbury; “Through their branding and world class facility, they will accelerate Danbury’s role as a pioneer in high-tech health care. This will be a significant boost to Danbury’s economy and future.”    
Proton therapy is a powerful, practical, proven and non-invasive cancer-fighting tool that is growing across the United States and around the world. It was first used to treat patients in 1954, and received FDA approval in 1988. Unlike traditional radiation which uses photons, or x-rays, protons can deliver nearly all of their energy within a tumor. This protects healthy tissue and sensitive organs, resulting in few to no side effects. The protons break the DNA of cancer cells, which inhibits the cancer’s ability to proliferate. Proton therapy also offers patients a higher quality of life during and after treatment. Due to these advantages, proton therapy has become a preferred treatment option for patients with cancerous tumors, especially those in sensitive locations such as near the brain, spine, heart and eye.
Connecticut’s Certificate of Need regulatory program requires health care providers to obtain State approval prior to making major changes in the healthcare landscape such as mergers, substantial capital investments in new equipment or facilities, changing access to services, discontinuing a medical service, or introducing a new technology like proton therapy.
There are currently only 36 operational proton therapy centers in the entire United States, and none in Connecticut. The closest facilities are located in Boston and New York City. The proposed site is near Route 7, I-84, Danbury Municipal Airport and Danbury Hospital, and within a 50-mile radius of 17.4 million people including thousands of patients who could benefit from more convenient and affordable proton therapy. For more information, please visit
Submitted by Southbury, CT

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