Local Area Poet's Sixth Book, "On The Edge" To Be Released Friday, Aug. 18

On the Edge” is the sixth book of tender poetry written by prolific author Susan A. Katz of Washington, Connecticut. Ms. Katz’s newest book will be released in bookstores nationwide and online on August 18, 2023, by Austin Macauley Publishers of London.

Susan A. Katz has had a love affair with poetry since the age of six. She has read it, written it, even dreamed it, and it has shaped her life and her view of the world, and of herself. Her poems have been called, “meditative and lyrical…exhibiting a strong sense of wistfulness and loss”, by poet Colette Inez, and “terribly powerful…oddly strong, wonderful”, bythe late poet, Dan Masterson. 

Ms. Katz found inspiration for “On the Edge” in the everyday business of living, of family joys and sorrows, in the stories of others, and in the vast and ethereal landscape of the natural world.  Her poems reveal her intense passion for the living quality of language.

On the Edge”, states Katz, “Chronicles a life, exploring both the highs and lows, the moments of pure joy and passion, and those moments that are so dark, so painful that they threaten to bring us to our knees.” With an endearing and unique honesty, Katz provides a glimpse of life, her life, lived fully and reexamined through the revealing lens of poetry.

Titles of Katz’s more than 60 poems in “On The Edge” include: “Remembering To Forget”; “The Weekly Visit”; “Momma’s Living Room”; “Mother Loved Lilacs”; “Deceived”; “Everything Remembers You”; “The Certainty Of You”; “The Scent Of Need”; “A Coming Home”; “Loving Strangers”; “The Truth Of Memories”; “Leaning into Endings”; “Winter’s Empty Rooms”; “After Today”; “Winter Is a Bad Time to Look for Things”; “The Trouble With Sleeping”.

A widely, nationally, and internationally published poet, Katz’s work has appeared in numerous anthologies, journals, and literary magazines. She co-authored two textbooks with Orff Schulwerk music specialist Judith A. Thomas, espousing the need to incorporate the arts into schools’ curricula.

For more than 30 years, Katz worked for The New York State Poets in Public Service, and then with friend and colleague and music/movement specialist, Judith A. Thomas, with whom she conducted student/teacher poetry workshops in the United States and Canada. Katz’s work has been cited as: “…precise imagery, directness, and honesty…outspokenly erotic and sensual, evoking a powerful sense of physical passion and deeply felt experiences.” – Robert Wilson, Poetry Editor, Negative Capability. 

“Susan A. Katz is a God-blessed poet. She does not sing in chorus,” stated Menke Katz, Poet, Editor, Professor, Philosopher, and no relation to Susan A. Katz.

Katz has been actively writing and publishing poetry for more than 50 years. She finds inspiration for her

poems in the intricacies, and intimacies, of life and family, the perils of living, and the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Her poems reveal her intense passion for the living quality of language. It is Susan A. Katz’s belief that “Poetry is the need to write beyond the limits of choice; the freedom to see beyond the limits of light.”

On the Edge” sells for $11.95 in paperback and is available in Kindle eBook, and both are available on https://www.austinmacauley.com, www.Amazon.com, in bookstores, and from major booksellers. For information on the poetry of Susan A. Katz, visit https://poetladykatz.com.

Submitted by Southbury, CT

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