CAGV 2020 Virtual Benefit "Lunch-In" on Tuesday

Please join us for the CAGV 2020 Virtual Benefit "Lunch-In"

Like many other not-for-profit organizations, CT Against Gun Violence has needed to adapt its fundraising plans in response to the unprecedented changes required due to the coronavirus pandemic. Originally planned as a benefit luncheon, CAGV’s annual fundraiser is now a virtual “lunch-in,” taking place on Tuesday, April 28 from 12:00pm-12:30pm.

Sadly, the extreme danger of COVID-19 is further exacerbated by the presence of firearms. While some believe guns are necessary for self-defense, the facts prove the opposite: guns do not make us safer. With everyone at home, there has been a rise in domestic violence and child abuse incidents in Connecticut and around the nation. There is widespread agreement that the risks of suicide are increasing dramatically. Both of these situations are made more deadly when guns are present.

Community gun violence has not abated, and is likely to be exacerbated once shelter-in-place restrictions are lifted given the devasting loss of jobs and other economic dislocations. With schools closed and children at home, the risk of unintentional gun death and injury is higher.

Despite the unprecedented disruptions to life as we know it, the staff at CAGV continue to work through this crisis to support their mission of ending gun violence in Connecticut. They remain as committed as ever, adjusting to the new reality, but still getting the work done—including planning for their Virtual Benefit “Lunch-In.”

The featured speaker at the event is Dr. Marcie Molloy, Chief Medical Officer of the Norwalk Community Health Center. She’ll be speaking about the intersection of the coronavirus pandemic and gun violence from her frontline perspective of how both crises are affecting urban communities.

Tickets for the event on April 28 at 12pm are available at cagv.salsalabs.org/2020_cagv_benefit_luncheon_c4. Donations to CAGV can be made through that link as well. For more than 25 years, CT Against Gun Violence has been dedicated to making Connecticut communities, families, and children safe from gun violence through legislative advocacy, public education and grassroots engagement. It is the only gun violence prevention advocacy group that is solely focused on eradicating gun violence in Connecticut.

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