Handwriting Expert David J. DeWitt is Featured Speaker at Gathering in Southbury


SOUTHBURY, CT–The Jewish Federation of Western CT invites locals to detect signs of human behavior and discover their potential at a fascinating event with David J. DeWitt, CGA, a board certified graphologist.

DeWitt will be the speaker at “Life, Love & Friendship,” a monthly gathering held at the Jewish Federation of Western CT on Thursday, April 25, 2019 from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

The author of two books, DeWitt explains how human behavior can be detected by analyzing handwriting. His first book, Handwriting Analysis: Discover Your Own Vocational/Career Potential, offers a new perspective on graphology that links handwriting analysis with professional satisfaction.

The book helps direct readers to determine their own career potential and reveal how to self-discover the basic steps to your own personality type, make the best career choice to fit your personality, and learn how to read handwriting and unlock your true self.

His second book, BULLYING: Applying Handwriting Analysis to Detect Potential Danger Signs and Effects, offers new insight that exposes the reader to the links between handwriting and possible aggressive, harmful behavior.

“By giving them space to develop self-respect, self-esteem, integrity, trust, could promote open personal growth and a sense of fulfillment,” DeWitt stated.

Both books will be available to purchase at the free event, which includes light refreshments, and is open to the public. Reservations are requested by calling (203) 267-3177, ext. 340.


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