Southbury Happenings: Bird Walks, Music and Books!

Upcoming Events in Southbury

Saturday Morning Bird Walks
1/25/2020 | 8:00-10:00am

Bent of the River land provides great habitat for migrating birds such as warblers, vireos, Indigo Buntings, thrushes, orioles, and many others. Organizers: Bent of the River Audubon Center.

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Music Lecture Series with John Tuohy
1/29/2020 | 11:00am

Join guitarist John Tuohy for a presentation of 3 music lectures with live demonstrations. Organizers: Arts Escape.

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Until 02/15/2020 - Half-Price Library Lobby Book Sale - during Library hours.

Until 03/08/2020 - Shepaug Eagle View - every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Until 03/20/2020 - Snow Sculpture Contest - email photo to Parks and Rec.


02/01/2020 - Southbury VFW Indoor Tag Sale

02/09/2020 - Greg Greenway Concert

02/15/2020 - Great Backyard Bird Count Hike

02/17/2020 - President's Day Hike

02/19/2020 - Lecture - A Journalist's Story on The Fall of the Berlin Wall


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