Southbury Virtual Art Festival Planned for March 20

Southbury Virtual Arts Festival 2021 on March 20 from 10am to 3pm

During these challenging times, it is easy for people to feel isolated, disconnected, even lonely. The arts help to build community, connection, bring joy and enrichment, can be thought-provoking, even start a revolution. The only revolution we wish to start is to provide a sense of belonging, to bring a smile, to reach out to local residents who are feeling isolated, anxious, burdened by the restrictions of our time, and to support locals arts and artists in the process, as well as the town of Southbury as a whole.

On March 20th, the SAF21 committee in partnership with local arts organizations will broadcast a fully virtual arts festival via two zoom channels, a YouTube live stream, with portions to be broadcast on public access stations (times to be announced).

Sponsors include Arts Escape, The New Morning Songwriter Series, members of the Heritage Village Theatre Guild, Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Southbury, Southbury.com, Southbury Printing Centre, and the SAF21 festival committee.

For complete details, visit the Town of Southbury online here.


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