Southbury Public Library announces upcoming STEM events for grades 6-12

Three STEM events for grades 6-12 at Southbury Public Library

Run by the Kellogg Environmental Center in Derby, these programs will explore STEM and the environment, with air quality testing, simulating the impacts of climate change, and water testing. 

What Color is the Air? Testing Air Quality (Grades 6-12)
Wednesday, June 29, 4-5pm, Kingsley Room, Registration Required

Learn all about air quality in this hands on program! We'll learn about what scientists look at to understand air quality, and then use biological indicators and particle sensors ourselves to see how to monitor air changes. Click here to learn more and register.

10 Minutes to Save the Planet (Grades 6-12)
Wednesday, July 13, 4-5pm, Kingsley Room, Registration Required

Take a hands on look at the challenge of climate change—what would you plan as your actions to meet the goal of 2.0°C temperature rise by 2050? Use a climate action simulator to see how changing different factors influence climate change. Click here to learn more and register.

Testing the Waters (Grades 6-12)
Wednesday, July 27, 4-5pm, Kingsley Room, Registration Required

In this program, we'll make simulated systems and conduct qualitative water tests to evaluate the health of a water environment. Working to reduce our impacts has resulted in many new materials and design applications; we'll also learn about these and how to apply them to reduce impacts in our community. Click here to learn more and register.

Like all our teen events, these events are totally free, open to residents of any town entering Grades 6-12 (and Class of 2022 12th Grade Graduates!), and sponsored by the Friends of the Southbury Public Library.

As part of the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, the Kellogg Environmental Center in Derby, CT offers workshops, exhibits, nature activities, and lectures for the general public. Families can enjoy learning about nature and the environment through hands-on programs. Throughout the year, the Center offers special weekend programs, nature walks, and family workshops.



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