Preventive Screenings…RVNAhealth’s Wellness Fair Makes It Easy!

While it requires time – and, let’s face it, it’s not fun -- going to the doctors for preventive health care visits are an important part of overall health. At these appointments, doctors can recommend certain screenings that you should receive, depending on your age and medical history. These screenings are done to discover potential health problems early on, when your chances of slowing disease progression and/or successfully treating a health problem are the greatest.

Your age is a starting point in determining which screenings are most important. For instance, someone in their 60’s should be tested regularly for blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, mental health conditions, and certain types of cancer. Additionally, there are other simple types of screenings, such as vision and hearing, that are important at any age!

We know one of the barriers to completing these screenings is the challenge of making so many different appointments. That’s why RVNAhealth started offering its Wellness Fair nearly a half-century ago – an event where people in the community could catch up on the most common screenings, all in one day! And that’s why we continue to offer this FREE event each year.

This year, RVNAhealth will host its 48th annual Wellness Fair on Saturday, March 25, 2023, from 9am-12pm at East Ridge Middle School in Ridgefield. This popular community event enables one to take stock of their health, learn something new, and walk away with valuable resources.

Led by RVNAhealth’s clinicians and representing our whole suite of services – from RVNAhealth nurses to Rehab’s physical and occupational therapists, to experts on hospice, private caregivers, and social work – the event is designed to meet health and wellness needs across the ages.

We also partner with other local experts to provide a wide range of screenings: anemia, balance testing, blood pressure screenings, carotid artery, cholesterol screening, fine motor testing, foot exams, glucose screening, grip strength, hearing screening, posture screening and more. We will also continue our tradition of offering vaccines to the community – including high dose and regular flu vaccines, and COVID-19 boosters.

To stay up to date on the Wellness Fair or register for reminders, visit our event page at rvnahealth.org/event/rvnahealth-wellness-fair. We

hope to see you there!


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