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Here's a list of some online classes available this summer through Southbury Parks & Rec


Students in grades K - 5 will learn some great magic tricks from Tom O'Brien, a full time professional magician. Tom O'Brien is a master at his craft and is wonderful and entertaining teacher as well. This is an one on one Remote Online class. Once you register the instructor will contact you to set up a time and day for the class. All materials will be mailed to the student before the class.
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Chess instructor Jim Santorelli with over 30 years of experience, and whose students have collected 13 national championships is offering Skype Chess lessons, open to all levels. He is offering private lessons for $65.00 and group lessons for $25.00 with a limit of 4 in a group for 1 hour. Many of Jim's students are making this a family affair.
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Virtual classes from Skyhawks. Click to register.


Ages 5-8 years. 6 sessions. Fee: $49.00/session
Whether you are looking to sharpen your skills or learn the game for the first time, Skyhawks virtual soccer camp is a great way to stay active and have fun with soccer. This fast-paced, engaging program provides the perfect mix of game-based exercises and skill practice to promote agility and improve fundamental soccer skills. Ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting movements are the focus and all activities are designed to be performed in the home or backyard. Stay active with Skyhawks soccer!


Ages 5-8 years. 6 sessions. Fee: $49.00/session
This engaging, skill based program is designed to keep kids active with a blend of basketball instruction and physical education. Presented by Skyhawks coaches, boys and girls will improve several fundamental basketball skills including ball handling, dribbling, body positioning and shooting. Participants will come away with new ways to practice and excited for their next step in basketball. All activities are designed for the home with a goal of promoting a love for an active lifestyle!


Ages 5-9 years. 5 sessions. Fee: $49.00/session
Skyhawks is proud to present an engaging, game-based physical education program designed for the home. With passionate instructors at the program's core, this class will offer children a wide variety of activities that involve locomotor, non-locomotor skills and fitness development exercises. Our goal is to build self-confidence, create body awareness and inspire each participant with a passion for an active lifestyle.


Ages 5-7 years. 5 sessions. Fee: $85.00/session
Adapting our award winning Mini-Hawk program into a virtual camp format is an opportunity for Skyhawks to provide a positive, multi-sport introduction to children at home. Through exciting games and activities, campers explore balance, hand/eye coordination and skill development at their own pace. With a big focus on encouragement and fun, this program will promote physical fitness and early skill development in baseball, basketball and soccer.

STEM & PLAY: Multi-Sport

Ages 7-12 years. 5 sessions. Fee: $95.00/session
Skyhawks is excited to offer a module-based, virtual class that explores the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math behind the sports of Soccer and Basketball. Our expert instructors will tie each module back into the sport with skill instruction to instill curiosity and a passion for learning in each child. Subjects vary by sport, but include ball design calculating distances and angles, velocity, acceleration and more! Skyhawks puts the Sports in STEM!


Ages 7-12 years. 3 sessions. Fee: $95.00/session
This engaging virtual offering covers many fields of engineering while also teaching kids about problem solving and creative thinking through the Engineering Design Process with Lego! Participants use their own Lego bricks at home to work on fun projects led by knowledgeable staff. Skyhawks instructors will finish each session with engaging game based physical education activities designed to build self-confidence, create body awareness and inspire a passion for an active lifestyle. STEM-based fun with Lego mixed with physical fitness make for a unique offering.


3-6 years. 1 session. Fee: $45.00/session
Learning basketball has never been more fun! This virtual Hoopster Tots class brings our best games and lessons into your living room, ensuring an enriching and active experience for your child. Featuring our best instructors, kids will have a blast and parents will come away with some great new activities to play with the family. Expect a dynamic warm-up, stretching best practices, fun games and some life skills along the way.


3-6 years. 1 session. Fee: $45.00/session
Soccer Tots programs develop motor skills and self-confidence in a fun, engaging format. Skyhawks is excited to bring our best instructor together with our most popular games, to offer a unique at home class that promotes the early development of soccer skills and a love for an active lifestyle. This fast-paced program will keep your child engaged with an imaginative warm-up and exciting activities that disguise learning and focus on fun!


3-6 years. 1 session. Fee: $45.00/session
Baseball tots classes focus on fine and gross motor skills as well as body control. With lessons modified for participation in the home, top instructors teach baseball basics including throwing, catching and hitting. We are excited to help these little ones develop a love of the game! Children will experience an exciting program featuring dynamic warm-ups, stretching best practices, fun games and valuable life lessons along the way.


3-6 years. 1 session. Fee: $45.00/session
Introduce your little superstar to sports with this virtual, multi-sport introduction to basketball and soccer! With age appropriate games and activities modifies=d for playing in the home, children explore balance, hand/eye coordination, fitness and early sports skill development. This fast-paced program will keep your child engaged with imaginative warm-ups and exciting activities that disguise learning and focus on fun!

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