Southbury's Ballantine Pool Survey Results

The Center for Research & Public Policy (CRPP) is pleased to present the results of a 2023 Southbury Community Survey regarding the future of the town pool at Ballantine Park.

The survey was conducted to collect Southbury property taxpayer input regarding potential options and upgrades for the town pool.

The online research study included 996 completed online and hardcopy survey responses from Southbury, Connecticut adult property taxpayers and renters. The survey was conducted January 10th – 26 th, 2023.

The survey included the following areas for investigation:

▪ History with and awareness of the town pool;

▪ Awareness of potential pool options for upgrades;

▪ General support or opposition for upgrading the town pool;

▪ Importance of several pool features;

▪ Support or opposition of pool upgrades with tax implications in mind; and

▪ Purchase of Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club as an option.

Section 2 of this report discusses the Methodology used in the study, while Section 3 includes Highlights derived from an analysis of the quantitative research. Section 4 is a Summary of Findings from the survey. Section 5 is an Appendix to the report containing the composite aggregate data, cross-tabulations and the survey instrument employed.

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