Nurse-Family Partnership at RVNAhealth helps first-time mothers become successful in their new role

Nurse-Family Partnership at RVNAhealth is a voluntary, free program for eligible mothers residing in Western Connecticut.

By participating in Nurse-Family Partnership, a trained registered nurse can come to your home or a meeting point of your choice during your pregnancy until your child’s second birthday! The visits are no cost, flexible and made to fit your schedule; usually, every 2 weeks. You can decide where to meet, what to talk about at the visits, and are welcome to have friends or family there with you.

The Nurse-Family Partnership program helps moms understand the growth and development of their child, offers resources to help them to parent well, and nurtures moms to set goals for themselves and their families. These goals can include continuing education, finding childcare options, career/job goals and more.

When combined with traditional medical care, mothers participating in the program are more likely to have healthy pregnancies with fewer preterm and low birth weight newborns, are more likely to be successful at breastfeeding, and have infants and toddlers who are healthy and meet developmental milestones.

To learn more about Nurse-Family Partnership at RVNAhealth and eligibility requirements, visit ctnfp.org


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