Abbey Road Home Care Expands Into Woodbury Offering Concierge-Level In-Home Care Services

With 20 years of notable success and prestige in Weston, Connecticut, Abbey Road Home Care has expanded their home care services agency to Woodbury.

“As a concierge service company, we personally go to people’s homes, hospitals, and assisted living facilities to meet with individuals and families who are seeking compassionate in-home care for their loved ones,” explained owner Hal Hutchison. “We consistently strive to offer a culture of kindness to all our clients and aides.”

Potential aides are carefully screened. “We expect that our caregivers be agreeable, patient, polite, congenial, refined, skillful, compassionate, and above all else, kind,” stated Hutchison. “We seek dedicated, well-trained individuals who treat each of our clients like family.”

Abbey Road Home Care’s live-out and live-in aides typically provide personal care assistance with daily living, light housekeeping and cooking, and companionship. They help a client with dressing, bathing, grooming, prescribed medications, movement, driving to appointments, and other daily living activities.

“Many of our aides,” continued Hutchison, “are specially trained, and possess extensive experience in the fall prevention and care of individuals diagnosed with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and strokes.

We have relationships with some caregivers that exceed 20 years. This allows us to hire employees who are referred to us by someone we know, and whose judgment we trust. All of our live-out and most of our live-in aides also drive which helps our clients maintain their independence and enthusiasm for life.”

All Abbey Road Home Care employee caregivers report directly to the company. As a ‘private pay’ health care provider, individuals or families pay an aide’s fees to the company which then pays each aide directly. “We accept long-term care health care insurance,” stated Hutchison. “Plus, we pay all state and federal taxes for our employees, plus we are insured for theft, liability, and worker’s compensation.

Each employee is extensively screened, beginning with an in-person interview accompanied by multiple references. We check for criminal history in over 400 databases and verify that each aide has a good driving record.”

Most Abbey Road Home Care aides are qualified paraprofessionals trained at the Certified Nurse’s Aide (C.N.A.) level or equivalent. “At the beginning of each aide’s individual assignment,” clarified Hutchison, “we develop a comprehensive care plan based on interviews with a client and the client’s family and/or medical professionals caring for that individual. We then select an aide based on the specific client’s medical and personality requirements. In addition to fully briefing the aide initially, we regularly monitor and direct their performance.”

The Hutchison family-based business is also ‘adopted parents’ to a mixed therapy companion mini-dachshund and red standard poodle named Lucy who loves to visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

“Lucy has been trained to provide affection and comfort to people in rehab facilities, hospitals, or their own homes. We selected Lucy because of her friendly and loving disposition. She loves to visit our clients and bring them a little ‘dog happiness’, and we see that they look forward to her cheerful, gentle presence, and her ready acceptance of dog treats that we bring along to each visit,” commented Hutchison.

Another unique offering of Abbey Road Home Care is to match art lovers with art lovers, or if a family likes to cook, they seek an aide who enjoys family-cooking gatherings. “Because we founded our business on a Culture of Kindness™, whoever we hire must be kind, caring, and love what they do,” continued Hutchison. “We hire aides who are intelligent, well-spoken, and feel that they have an inner calling to this work. We do this because our ambition is always to get to know each family we serve.”

Testimonies of Abbey Road Home Care’s highly personalized and outstanding care include comments from Mr. Mathew Scotto. “Abbey Road will go to extreme lengths to support their clients. After I mentioned my mother is Italian, they hired a lovely Italian C.N.A. Every Sunday, she and my mother cook sauce, and have a great time together.”

“For 20 years,” added Hutchison, “our mission and commitment to each client have been to consistently provide caregivers of the highest caliber, to support them with continuing training and weekly supervisory visits. As our employees, we assist our aides in every possible way to provide a superior level of care.”

There is no application contract or fee to obtain services from Abbey Road Home Care services and their rates include $300 for one day of services of a live-in aide for 24 hours. “On average,” continued Hutchison, “we charge 15 to 20% less than other area agencies. Our services fees are notably less than what other agencies charge because our aides are our employees, and we do not have the expenses of a franchise organization.”

Since moving to Woodbury, the Hutchison family continues their tradition of volunteering locally. They enjoy collecting and sorting children’s clothing which they deliver to local area churches. They also sponsor knish lunches at the Jewish Federation, plus offer craft-making sessions, and video Bingo games at local senior centers and eldercare facilities to which they bring their beloved therapy dog, Lucy.

To learn more, visit www.Abbeyroadhomecare.com, phone 203-613-4222, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .




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