Town of Southbury Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club Task Force: Virtual Meetings

On January 23rd, the Town of Southbury signed an Option to Purchase Agreement for the Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club. The Southbury Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to approve the signing after an executive session review.

Per this agreement, the Town paid a $3,000 non-refundable Option Fee to Edgewood for the right to purchase their 10.51 acres of land, all facilities, and equipment for $2,000,000. The purchase option expires on July 31st, 2020. The $3,000 Option Fee will be applied towards the Purchase Price if the Town does purchase Edgewood.

On February 3rd, the First Selectman, Jeff Manville, appointed an ad hoc task force to study the Edgewood property and make a recommendation as to whether the Town should purchase the property. This Task Force has done a lot of work and is now ready to present its findings to the Town.

The Town will hold two virtual Informational Meetings to allow the Task Force to present information and to gather feedback.

The first is a presentation of the Task Force's findings on Wednesday, April 1st, at 7 PM. This meeting will be live-streamed on the Town website.

There will be a second meeting on Monday, April 6th, where the Task Force will answer questions that are submitted by the public through the Town website at www.southbury-ct.org/edgewood. This meeting will also start at 7 PM and be live-streamed on the Town's website.

On April 8th, the Task Force will formally submit their recommendation to the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance.

In a special joint meeting on April 13th, the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance will review the report submitted by the Task Force and vote whether to recommend to exercise the option.




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