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You're IT Greenwich Matchmaker!

Three questions with Lory Kelsey, owner and founder of Greenwich Matchmaker LLC.

Why did you start your business?

I was a divorced single parent of two daughters living here in Greenwich, Connecticut finding it difficult to meet a great gentleman interested in a serious relationship. That being said, I used to type in "Greenwich Matchmaker" regularly on my computer keyboard searching for a matchmaker that could help me out!!  There didn't seem to be any matchmaker nearby in my immediate area. So it began occurring to me that I could and should fill the role for my extended group of single friends that found themselves single in the same situation year after year and other single people, both gentlemen and ladies in this geographic vicinity. I had worked in my past as a representative for a dating service called Turning Point International and had been quite successful at it. I am a master level social worker MSW myself and felt this was an area that could benefit from my professional expertise.  I started Greenwich Matchmaker LLC in January 2012 which now successfully matches and introduces outstanding prescreened single ladies and gentlemen to each other in the CT/NY area all offline, confidentially and on a personalized basis.

Finish this sentence in regard to your business: I wish I could...

I wish I could have more single gentlemen and ladies realize the outstanding benefits and edge available to you having a matchmaker work for you on your behalf.  With a matchmaker's expertise, you will be meeting people you would never meet otherwise and who share similar interests, values, goals in life.  A matchmaker hand selects introductions for you having interviewed them in person ahead of time.  Everyone is on a first name basis in the beginning so there's no googling about the person online in advance of meeting them and arriving with preconceived notions to the date.  It's really like a friend introducing a friend as I know all the people I introduce to each other. It's saving you lots of wasted time spending hours "working" on your social life which is exactly what one does without the assistance of a matchmaker. I have developed an extensive social network in the community that on occasion assist in the referral of people that may fit the bill for specific searches I am conducting. They are my assistant cupids and it's really the old-fashioned way, but it works and it's a beautiful thing!! Everyone knows someone single that would relish being successfully matched up with their lasting love and my networks and I collaborate diligently to make that happen!! 

What is your best selling product/service?

You know a lot of people believe matchmaking is automatically out of their reach financially. However, they can apply to be in my GM Registry Database. Upon acceptance as a screened member, the GM Database Membership is included for 5 years for the cost of a one hour in-person interview with me.  I have both Gentlemen and Ladies GM Registry Databases since I work with both Gentlemen and Lady Clients.  I go through my GM Registry/Databases primarily when working with a new Client seeking the right fit.  You can be in the GM Registry and suddenly be introduced to an International CEO, Financier, Super Model, Hollywood Actress, Celebrity, Doctor, Attorney, Politician, Professional Athlete and you're suddenly falling in love since these are all active clients of mine!! This can be and has been the opportunity of a lifetime for some lucky GM Registry/Database members who met their match from being available in the GM Database/Registry!! So my bestselling product/service is my Greenwich Matchmaker Database Registry Membership for Gentlemen and Ladies since it is in reach of most people and they are getting an understanding of my matchmaking service in the event they transition to Client in the future or get lucky and become a successful love match straight from the GM Registry/Database!

Learn more about Greenwich Matchmaker HERE or call 203-550-8570.

*Image courtesy Sissela Johannson

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Matchmaker talks about finding love

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