The Mayor’s Gallery presents “Interiors: Colorfully off-kilter” by Mari Gyorgey

The Mayor’s Gallery presents “Interiors: Colorfully off-kilter” by Mari Gyorgey on view May 10th – July 8, 2022 

Stamford-based Mari Gyorgyey is best known for her nonlinear narrative art which flows into book arts, pen and ink drawings, paintings, computer imagery, and fine art etchings. She is not afraid to mix any of the techniques to communicate her theme. 

Since earning her BFA from RISD, and MFA from UPENN, Gyorgyey has shown her work domestically and internationally with solo shows in Tapio Gyorgy, Hungary, Budapest, Hungary as well as Stamford, CT.  She has won printmaking awards from UPENN, Dharma Silk Company, and the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, where she is a longtime member.  Mari’s work integrates her fine art and textile design background. Her content is strongly influenced by living in communist Hungary, and suburban America. Her portraits have the passion of European Expressionism with the visual superficiality of Technicolor films. Her work seems offbeat...but at closer glance is strangely approachable and empathetic to our human condition.

“When I used to read fairy tales, I fancied

That kind of thing never happened and

Now here I am in the middle of one. “

                         -Lewis Carroll

“I create festive, floral, and decorative environments in interior spaces. Hectic, disproportional, whimsical qualities keep them from being real spaces, but at first glance they look like they might be. These shifts are playful, and unsettling; not unlike the world we live in today. I see and say everything is nonsense. The dictionary defines nonsense as ‘something that has little or no sense.’ My definition is different - Sense is intertwined in Nonsense.  Which then, to make matters worse, makes a riddle.

What a confusing, delightful Mess.”  Mari Gyorgey.

View more of Mari’s work www.marigyorgey.com

Mari lives in Stamford and maintains a studio at Firing Circuits in Norwalk, CT

* Mayor's Gallery is located at 10th floor Government Center, 888 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT

* parking on site

* handicap accessible

* Open weekdays 9am - 4pm


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