Selfi.e. | Inner Authority: A Special Solo Exhibition by Megan R. Orr at The Townhouse Gallery in Stamford

If you could take a soul selfie what would it look like?

Selfi.e. stands for Self I Explore and is an ongoing multimedia umbrella concept dedicated to encouraging the discovery of inner authority and intuition by flipping the focus within. In an age of selfies and smart technologies, my exhibition, Inner Authority, is an exposé of my soul’s selfies and consists of over 25 mixed media pieces and free writing entries created from 2020 to present-day. A theme I use in my paintings is a candle flame that reflects a woman’s form, representing inner fire and free will. I also thematically paint circular explosions of fire and life force energy.

As a visual artist I feel compelled to spark dialogue in hopes of inspiring people to take ownership of and lead with their intuition. Inner Authority is on display at the Stamford Art Association’s upstairs gallery from 09/09-10/01 during gallery hours, Fri-Sun 12-3pm, and M-Th by appointment only.

Questions? Contact: @selfiexplore or via email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and website: https://orrmedia.wixsite.com/meganorr

Opening Reception: September 9, 5:30-7 pm at The Townhouse Gallery in Stamford 

Gallery Hours: 

Fri-Sun: 12-3pm 


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