Virtual Financial Literacy Classes for Stamford High Schoolers

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the education world upside down, leaving teachers and students to navigate a virtual classroom while trying to continue their education.

Patriot Bank is working with Stamford High School and the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering to bring virtual financial literacy sessions to students throughout the month of May.

Over 50 high school students will participate in 50-minute classes addressing topics including credit cards, checking accounts, debit cards, savings accounts, how to apply for student loans and what to expect, and how to prepare for the future, led by Patriot Executive Vice President- Chief Compliance and Risk Officer Judith Corprew and Human Resource Officer Sharissa Ryan.  

As part of its long-time commitment to financial literacy, the bank has been working with local community high school and college students, recently returning military veterans and community non-profits to offer similar classes to help improve fiscal education. Students need the tools to make good decisions that will impact their lives and help them achieve better outcomes when it comes to finances.

“I want to thank Patriot Bank for sharing their resources with my Personal Finance class at AITE during COVID-19 crisis. Mrs. Judith Corprew and Ms. Sharissa Ryan of Patriot Bank took time out of their day to present a 50-minute interactive lesson on Financial Literacy. It is so important for teenage students to hear professionals discussing and explaining personal finance rather than just parents and teachers,” said Academy of Information Technology and Engineering Business Instructor, Raymond Milo. “Ms. Corprew and Ms. Ryan treated my students as actual potential customers, as well as future business consumers. They carefully explained the workings of credit and consumerism and how to be savvy and cautious consumers, especially of credit.  They pointed out certain advantages to different kinds of credit, but more importantly the potential pitfalls. Teenagers need to hear these caveats more than once, and in different ways for it to really sink in, and both bankers accomplished that.  I think one of the best lessons was how to reach out and form a relationship with your bank, how that could be so helpful in a critical time such as this.”

“Children are not often involved in the financial decisions their families make and may not understand where money goes each month,” said Ms. Corprew. “We wanted to create a hands-on learning program that connects with each student and helps them to understand the basics of finances, like creating a monthly budget, understanding investments and retirements. Financial skills, especially during the enormous economic uncertainty we are facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic, are imperative to people of all ages. Patriot Bank is honored to be a part of this impactful learning experience.”

Patriot Bank has hosted other financial literacy event throughout Fairfield County, with students from Trinity Catholic High School, King School, New Canaan High School, Westhill High School, St. Luke's School, and Housatonic Community College, as well as veterans of the armed forces.


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