The Mayor's Gallery presents Eugenie Diserio "REBOOT"

The Mayor’s Gallery presents Eugenie Diserio “REBOOT”: A collection of bold, intuitive, intellectual and spiritually driven abstract artwork

January 7- February 28, 2020

“I am an abstract painter. My language is evocative marks, gestural brushstrokes and personal calligraphy. Colors, mixed in advance, can be brilliantly saturated or monochromatic. Then, I surrender to not necessarily knowing where I am going and trust the process. I have reinvented myself through diverse career ventures in the visual arts as well as in music, astrology and as an internet entrepreneur. I have learned to embrace change while trusting and following intuition during the journey of a creative project. The universe is rigged in our favor for resolution. Recognize the signs that are leading you home.”

Also, a devoted Yogi and meditator, she considers the painting process to be transcendental. “You lose your sense of time and space and suspend in the present moment and vision.” She uses metallic, iridescent and interference paint colors to create reflective areas in the paintings. In the “Crystal Matrix Series” metallics and glitter embody a surface of shimmering, sparkling light. Historically and now, reflections have to do with human beings communicating with the spirit world and connecting with life’s deeper mysteries. Eugenie’s work is really about consciousness more than anything and has been described as “bold, intuitive and grounded in spiritual, intellectual and physical truths.” She feels that art is channeled energy and balancing that energy is a daily spiritual practice.

Ultimately, she hopes her paintings create a pause for the viewer to reflect, recalibrate and reboot. Eugenie is a life-long visual artist. After a diverse career in the performance arts and internet business development she resumed abstract painting full time. She studied at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, earned a BFA from Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University and an MFA from Columbia University. While a graduate student, she co-designed the catalog “Rooms,” for the inaugural show in what was to become MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, New York. She also co-formed the seminal 80’s art rock bands, Model Citizens, The Dance and Chandra, whose music continues to be licensed and sampled in films and recordings today. In the late 90’s, she founded the astrology website Astronet. As CEO and with her persona Genie Easy, and was named an Internet content pioneer, a “Dot-Com Diva” and one of Harvard Business School’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs of the Year. From all of her diverse life ventures, she has learned to trust and follow intuition during the journey of a creative project. “Regardless of what medium or context you are working with, the process and expression must reflect your authentic voice and be true to who you are. When what you are playing with is real, it usually merges with the psycho-emotional territory of others.”

Eugenie Diserio lives and works in Stamford, CT.

Government Center, 10th fl, 888 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT

Parking on site handicap accessible information:

203 858 3082 Hours: Weekdays 9am-4pm

Visit her website: eugeniediserioart.com Instagram: @eugeniediserioart


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