Stamfordnorth's HamletHub Thu, 02 Apr 2020 10:02:50 -0400 Fairfield County Bank Commits $100,000 to Help Feed the Community

In response to the COVID-19 national health crisis, Fairfield County Bank announced today its new program, Feeding Fairfield County, and a $100,000 commitment to help feed the community.

“As a result of the outbreak, many of our community members are struggling to feed their families.  As we tirelessly work to help our impacted business and consumer clients overcome their financial challenges, it is also important for us to take a leadership position to help community members with the urgent need of putting food on the table,” says Dan Berta, President of Fairfield County Bank.

Feeding Fairfield County, Fairfield County Bank’s COVID-19 food security response program, is a multi-faceted program designed to improve access to food for community members suddenly impacted by the national health crisis.  The program includes direct contributions to local food banks as well as purchasing gift cards from local restaurants that will be donated to help feed at-risk communities and our heroic healthcare workers and first responders.

“We want to contribute not only money but also create a program to bring together our local businesses, clients, and the overall community to further feed people in need.  We encourage everyone who can to join us in supporting the community through this program,” adds David Schneider, Fairfield County Bank CEO.

Dan Berta goes on to say, “The Bank’s restaurant clients are some of our most notable community leaders.  This is an opportunity for us to also help them during this crisis by purchasing gift cards that we then donate to people in need and using them to bring food to our front-line healthcare workers and first responders.”

Additionally, Fairfield County Bank will be directing some of its on-going community-focused efforts towards food-related causes, including the Bank’s Charity of the Month program, the Bank’s Coins for a Cause program, employee gift matching program, and volunteer efforts.

In the coming days, Fairfield County Bank will be providing details on how community members can join the effort.  For more information, please follow Fairfield County Bank on Facebook and check for routine updates on our dedicated Feeding Fairfield County webpage.  Charities or businesses interested in participating in the Feeding Fairfield County program can email Stephen Wooters at

Stephen Wooters, Executive Vice President, further emphasizes, “We are a community bank, and we are here for our community.  It’s not just a tagline when we say ‘We Are Fairfield County.’”

Founded in 1871, Fairfield County Bank is a $1.5 billion community bank with locations throughout Fairfield County. In 2019 alone, Fairfield County Bank donated over $1 million to 415 local non-profit organizations with over 5,000 hours of volunteerism from their employees – a true testament to strengthening our communities. Visit to find out more about the Bank. #WeAreFairfieldCounty              

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Community is not Canceled: New Canaan Nature Center Brings Trails and Programs to YOU!

Community is not Canceled 

Neighbors helping neighbors, community members reaching out to our local senior citizens, residents supporting our heroic first responders -the inspiring stories and acts of kindness brought forth by our current crisis are extraordinary. What's more, small businesses, local nonprofits, and civic organizations are innovating to stay connected and serve the community. 

Community is not Canceled, a series made possible by LIFEWTR will showcase Connecticut's awesome response to this unprecedented situation. We are in this together. Stay strong. 

New Canaan Nature Center Brings Trails and Open Space and Educational Programs to YOU!

New Canaan Nature Center (NCNC) has launched a YouTube channel, bringing their outdoor programming to you! NCNC’s knowledgable ambassadors walk the grounds and trails unveiling the beauties of spring. From baby chicks soon to hatch, to spring walks, and turtles, NCNC enlightens, educates and inspires. 

Visit the YouTube channel here (and be sure to hit the “subscribe” button!)

Community is not Canceled! We are thankful to LIFEWTR for helping us to connect and stay strong.

The views and opinions expressed above are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of HamletHub or LIFEWTR. 

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Connecticut COVID Update: 3,128 Confirmed Cases, 69 Deaths

As of March 31, 2020, a total of 3128 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported among Connecticut residents. Six hundred and eight patients are currently hospitalized. Sixty-nine residents have died. In addition to the deaths related to COVID-19 that have been reported to the Department of Public Health (DPH), this update contains information on the number of deaths that have been reported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME).

Today, the OCME provided information on 14 additional COVID-19 related deaths that occurred during March 17-29. There were 16 COVID-19 related deaths on March 30, and 3 on March 31. Moving forward, deaths reported to either the OCME or DPH will be included in the daily COVID-19 update.

Fairfield County currently has the most cases in the state with 1870 COVID-19 confirmed positives 1870. View the data per county and town here.


Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 3128 (+557)

COVID-19 Associated Deaths 69 (+33)

Patients Currently Hospitalized with COVID-19 608 (+91)

Patients tested for COVID-19 15600 (+1000)

The Dr. Katherine A. Kelley State Public Health Laboratory has tested a total of 2008 patients for COVID19; 359 (18%) patients tested positive. The graph (image #2) shows the number of patients tested by date specimens were received. Hospital and commercial laboratories also are offering testing for COVID19 in Connecticut; in total, more than 15600 tests have been reported to date.

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Governor Lamont Announces Mortgage Payment Relief During COVID-19 Crisis

Governor Ned Lamont today announced that his administration has reached an agreement with over 50 credit unions and banks in Connecticut to offer mortgage relief to the state’s residents and businesses who continue to face hardship caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Under the agreement, the following relief policies are being offered by participating financial institutions:

  • 90-day grace period for all mortgage payments: Participating financial institutions are now offering mortgage-payment forbearances of up to 90 days, which will allow homeowners to reduce or delay monthly mortgage payments. In addition, the institutions will:
  • Provide a streamlined process for requesting forbearance for COVID-19-related reasons, supported with available documentation;
  • Confirm approval and terms of forbearance program; and
  • Provide the opportunity to extend forbearance agreements if faced with continued hardship resulting from COVID-19.
  • Relief from fees and charges for 90 days: For at least 90 days, participating financial institutions will waive or refund mortgage-related late fees and other fees including early CD withdrawals.
  • No new foreclosures for 60 days: Financial institutions will not start any foreclosure sales or evictions.
  • No credit score changes for accessing relief: For those taking advantage of this COVID-19-related relief, late or missed payments will not be shared with credit reporting agencies.

The agreement, which was negotiated on behalf of the Lamont administration by Commissioner Jorge Perez at the Connecticut Department of Banking, builds upon similar initiatives that have been enacted in recent days in California and New Jersey, and has been endorsed by the Connecticut Bankers Association and the Credit Union League of Connecticut. More than 50 credit unions and banks statewide are participating, including Webster Bank, American Eagle Financial Credit Union, Liberty Bank, Charter Oak Federal Credit Union, Bank of America, Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union, and Peoples United Bank. Additional financial institutions are expected to join the initiative in the coming days. The Department of Banking will maintain updated list of participating institutions on its website.

“This agreement with our financial institutions will allow Connecticut residents to obtain some relief as this public health emergency has had an impact on thousands of people in our state,” Governor Lamont said. “I thank each of these financial institutions that will provide this relief and applaud their participation in this agreement. The way we are going to get through this crisis is by working together, and this is an example of how we are going to get that done.”

The Department of Banking, along with the state’s banks and credit unions, is reminding residents that their money remains safe during the COVID-19 crisis and protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). No deposits have ever been lost under the protection of the FDIC and NCUA.

“This is a time when we need our entire financial services industry to come together to work tirelessly for the people of Connecticut, which is why I have asked the banks and credit unions to join forces and present one united approach which tells all of Connecticut, ‘We are in this together,’” Commissioner Perez said. “I am pleased to see that these efforts are well underway and that they are helping Connecticut residents work through this challenge.”

Leadership at Connecticut’s credit unions and banks said that they are flexibly meeting member and customer needs everyday on a case-by-case basis in a number of ways that may include fee waivers, access to short-term loans, loan deferrals and uninterrupted access to digital services, even though some credit unions and banks have temporarily limited physical access to their lobbies.

Bruce Adams, president and CEO of the Credit Union League of Connecticut, said, “We view ourselves as the financial first responders in this crisis, and I applaud Governor Lamont and Commissioner Perez for their leadership in partnering with us to provide even more financial solutions for the people of Connecticut.”

Tom Mongellow, president and CEO of the Connecticut Bankers Association, said, “Connecticut banks and credit unions are open for business, and statewide we have quickly and voluntarily responded to Governor Lamont’s and Commissioner Perez’s directives. Our financial institutions continue to ensure the financial well-being of the people and businesses they serve across the state, while protecting the health of their team members and customers.”

Adams and Mongellow are stressing that customers with loans should stay in close contact with their financial institution to identify their particular needs and work on customized solutions. They are also reminding customers that measures to protect people's health and safety continue to be available:

  • Drive-through services are available at numerous branches;
  • Individual appointments for in-person meetings are available at many financial institutions;
  • Call centers employees stand ready to assist customers and members;
  • Technology platforms give ready access to online services like bill pay, transfers, remote depositing of checks and ATMs for cash needs; and
  • People can use mobile payment channels and debit cards or credit cards to make purchases.

Questions and Answers on Connecticut’s COVID-19 Mortgage Relief Agreement

How do I get mortgage relief and/or forbearance?

You should contact and work directly with your mortgage servicer to learn about and apply for available relief. Please note that financial institutions and their servicers are experiencing high volumes of inquiries.

How long will the forbearance last?

 Participating financial institutions are now offering mortgage-payment forbearances of up to 90 days, which will allow homeowners to reduce or delay monthly mortgage payments.

What effect will this have on my credit report?

Financial institutions will not report derogatory information (e.g., late payments) to credit reporting agencies but may report a forbearance, which typically does not alone negatively affect a credit score.

How long will these programs last?

It is still unclear how severe or how long the COVID-19 impacts will be. Financial institutions have committed to necessary relief and will be assessing the ongoing conditions and necessity of continuing relief.

What if my financial institution isn’t offering this relief?

At this time, Webster Bank, American Eagle Financial Credit Union, Liberty Bank, Charter Oak Federal Credit Union, Bank of America, Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union, and Peoples United Bank, in addition to over 50 other federal and state-chartered banks, credit unions, and servicers are supporting these commitments. The state will welcome any other institution that would like to meet the moment and provide much-needed financial relief to Connecticut residents. The Department of Banking will publish a list of participating financial institutions on its website in the coming days.

What if I already made a payment or was hit with a fee because of COVID-19?

These measures go into effect as of March 31, 2020.

Is the mortgage relief available to businesses?

The relief is currently only available for residential mortgages.

What if my mortgage servicer is not communicative or cooperative?

You can file a complaint with the Department of Banking through the complaint form on the department website or by contacting the department at 860-240-8299 or 1-800-831-7225 (9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Monday through Friday).

What impact does the CARES Act have?

The CARES Act has important protections for renters and homeowners. In particular, homeowners with mortgage loans that are backed by the federal government through the FHA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, or other agencies can receive significant forbearance.

How about commercial loans and commercial mortgages?

Commercial loan or commercial mortgage customers should know that all financial institutions are working proactively with each commercial borrower experiencing challenges. Any bank or credit union commercial customer having financial difficulty, whether for-profit or nonprofit, should call their financial institution as soon as possible. Several important governmental actions have and will provide relief to businesses.

The Lamont administration’s quick actions resulted in Connecticut being one of the first states where businesses can access the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) economic injury disaster loan program for up to $2 million dollars. In addition, the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development quickly created the Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan program, which will provide up to $50 million of loans to small businesses and nonprofits

Importantly, last week Congress passed the important CARES Act, which includes the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and will provide loans and grants of up to $10 million, for companies of up to 500 employees. A wide variety of businesses will be eligible for the PPP as soon as next week and they include but are not limited to: private and public businesses, self-employed and independent contractors, nonprofits, veterans’ organizations, and tribal business concerns. Additional information on the PPP should be available from the SBA early next week.

In addition to the PPP, banks and credit unions continue to work with their commercial customers on a case by case basis to address the financial needs of their impacted business. We encourage any impacted commercial customers to contact their financial institution.

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Gov Lamont Announces Open Fishing Season for Connecticut

This week, Governor Lamont signed an Executive Order that included the early opening of the fishing season in Connecticut. With spring showing its early colors, fishing is a perfect outdoor activity. It states:

opening the fishing season early in inland waters will help to limit community spread of COVID-19 by eliminating the large crowds that often accompany the traditional Opening Day of fishing in April

If you are suffering from cabin fever, head to your favorite fishing hole and drop in a line! Remember, even while fishing or engaging in any outdoor activity, social distancing is a MUST. Please remain 6' apart!

During this time of social distancing, fishing should be enjoyed as solitary experience or with members of the immediate household, not as a group activity. DEEP is encouraging all anglers to follow social distancing practices. Anglers should maintain a distance of at least six feet from others, practice good personal hygiene, stay home and away from others if they feel sick, and avoid areas where anglers or others congregate. All other fishing laws and regulations, including requirements for a fishing license and trout and salmon stamp when needed, and all methods, creel limits and length limits remain in effect. More information and a helpful FAQ can be found on DEEP’s website

Please refer constituents to for more information. We continue to stock trout and plan on completely our spring 2020 stockings. Below you will find the listings of our stockings so far this spring. Anglers should also check out our Interactive Stocking map at:

You can find a helpful video here:

A list of the fishing spots are listed below:

Around Bridgeport/Danbury/Norwalk/Stamford:

Lakes - Ball Pond, Beardsley Park Pond, Blanchard Pond, Candlewood Lake, Cobbs Mill Pond, Disbrow Pond, Factory Pond, Great Hollow Pond, Housatonic Lake, Isinglass Reservoir (Farmill), Lake Kenosia, Lake Lillinonah, Lake Zoar, Mamanasco Lake, Miller’s Pond, Mohegan Lake, Nells Rock Reservoir, Pierrepont Pond, Saugatuck Reservoir, Shelton Reservoir #2, Silvermine Pond, Squantz Pond, Starrett Pond, Tollgate Pond, Tungsten Mine Park Pond, Twin Brooks Park Pond, West Pequonnock Reservoir
Major Trout Streams – Aspetuck, Byram, Farmill, Mianus, Mill, Morrissey Brook, Norwalk, Pequonnock, Pond Brook, Pootatuck, Rippowam, Saugatuck

Around Hartford/New Britain:

Lakes - Angus Park Pond, Batterson Park Pond, Broad Brook Mill Pond, Brookfield Pond, Congamond Lakes, Freshwater Pond, Howells Pond, Manitook Lake, Rainbow Reservoir, St Martha’s Pond, Salmon Brook Pond, Salters Pond, Silver Lake, Stratton Brook Park Pond
Major Trout Streams – Blackledge, Cherry Brook, Coppermine Brook, Dickenson Creek, Farmington, Fawn Brook, Pequabuck, Podunk, Raymond Brook, Roaring Brook, Salmon Brook, Scantic, Stony Brook, Stratton Brook

Around Middletown/East Haddam:

Lakes - Bashan Lake, Beseck Lake, Black Pond, Cedar Lake, Dooley Pond, Great Hill Pond, Higganum Reservoir, Lake Hayward, Messerschmidt’s Pond, Miller’s Pond, Moodus Reservoir, Pataconk Lake, Pistol Shop Pond, Schreeder Pond

Major Trout Streams – Coginchaug, Hammonasset, Hemlock Valley Brook, Pine Brook, Salmon

Around New Haven/Naugatuck:

Lakes - Axle Shop Pond, Baldwin Pond, Barber Pond, Beaver Park Lagoon, Black Pond, Clarks Mill Pond, Clarktown Pond, Dayton Pond, Hancock Brook Flood Control Pond, Hop Brook Flood Control Pond, Housatonic Lake, Lake Chamberlain, Lake Lillinonah, Lake Saltonstall, Lake Stibbs, Lake Wintergreen, Lake Zoar, Maltby Lakes, North Farms Reservoir, Pages Millpond, Picketts Pond, Prospect Park Pond, Quonnipaug Lake, Scovill Reservoir, Silver Lake, Southford Falls Pond, Upper Fulton Park Pond, Wards Millpond, Wharton Pond, Woodruff’s Pond

Major Trout Streams – Bladens Brook, Branford, Chatfield Hollow Brook, Eight Mile Brook, Farm, Hop Brook, Little, Menunketesuck Brook, Mill, Muddy, Nonnewaug, Pomperaug, Quinnipiac, Sprain Brook, Weekeepeemee Brook, Wepawaug

Around New London/Norwich:

Lakes - Amos Lake, Andersons Pond, Ashland Pond, Aspinook Pond, Avery Pond, Babcock Pond, Billings Lake, Bog Meadow Pond, Day Pond, Dodge Pond, Fitchville Pond, Fort Shantok Pond, Gardner Lake, Glasgo Pond, Godfrey Pond, Gorton Pond, Green Falls Reservoir, Hallville Pond, Hewitt Flyfishing Pond, Hewitt Pond (lower), Hodge Pond, Hopeville Pond, Horse Pond, Lake of Isles, Lantern Hill Pond, Long Pond, Mohegan Park Pond, Norwich Pond, Pachaug Pond, Pataganset Lake, Pickerel Lake, Powers Lake, Red Cedar Lake, Rogers Lake, Savin Lake, Sawmill Park Pond, Uncas Lake, Wyassup Lake

Major Trout Streams – Beaver Brook, Broad Brook, Choate Brook, Eight Mile, Gardner Brook, Green Falls, Hunts Brook, Indiantown Brook, Jeremy, Judd Brook, Latimers Brook, Meadow Brook, Mt Misery Brook, Myron Kinney Brook, Pachaug, Salmon, Shunock Brook, Susquetonscut Brook, Whitford’s, Wood, Yantic

Around Torrington/Winsted:

Lakes - Bantam Lake, Black Rock Pond, Black Rock Flood Control Pond, Burr Pond, Colebrook Flood Control Pond, Dog Pond, East Twin Lake, Hatch Pond, Highland Lake, Indian Pond, Lake Lillinonah, Lake McDonough, Leonard Pond, Mad River Flood Control Pond, Mohawk Pond, Mt. Tom Pond, Mudge Pond, Northfield Brook Flood Control Pond, Northfield Cutlery Co. Pond, Park Pond, South Spectacle Pond, Stillwater Pond, Tyler Pond, Waramaug Lake, West Branch (Hogsback) Reservoir, West Hill Pond, West Side Pond, West Twin Lake, Winchester Lake, Winnemaug Lake, Wononscopomuc Lake, Wood Creek Pond, Zeiner’s Pond

Major Trout Streams – Aspetuck, Bantam, Blackberry, Butternut Brook, Carse Brook, Farmington, Furnace Brook, Hall Meadow Brook, Housatonic, Lead Mine Brook, Macedonia Brook, Mad, Morgan Brook, Morissey Brook, Naugatuck, Nepaug, Pomperaug, Sandy Brook, Shepaug, Still, Whiting

Around Vernon/Mansfield:

Lakes - Bald Mountain Pond, Bigelow Pond, Bishop Swamp, Bolton Lakes, Bolton Notch Pond, Breakneck Pond, Coventry Lake, Crystal Lake, Eagleville Lake, Gay City Park Pond, Hamilton Reservoir, Holbrook Pond, Johnson Pond, Lafayette Pond, Mansfield Hollow Reservoir, Mansfield Training School Ponds, Mashapaug Lake, Mono Pond, Morey Pond, Shenipsit Reservoir, Somersville Mill Pond, Stateline Pond, Tankerhoosen Lakes, Walkers Reservoir, Whitney Flood Control Pond

Major Trout Streams - Bigelow Brook, Blackledge, Broad Brook, Charter Brook, Crystal Lake Brook, Fawn Brook, Fenton, Furnace Brook, Great Meadow Brook, Hockanum, Hop, Judd Brook, Mt Hope, Natchaug, Quanduck Brook, Quinebaug, Roaring Brook, Scantic, Skungamaug, Tankerhoosen, Willimantic

Around Willimantic/Danielson:

Lakes - Alexander Lake, Beach Pond, Beachdale Pond, Beaver Brook Ponds, Bicentennial Pond, Black Pond, Griggs Pond, Halls Pond, Hampton Reservoir, Keach Pond, Killingly Pond, Lawton Pond, Little Pond, Moosup Pond, Muddy Pond, Paine Pond, Perry Pond, Pine Acres Lake, Quaddick Reservoir, Roseland Lake, Ross Pond, Tetrault Pond, Wauregan Reservoir, West Thompson Lake

Major Trout Streams - Bigelow Brook, Blackwells Brook, Five Mile Brook, Five Mile R, French, Kitt Brook, Little, Mashamoquet Brook, Merrick Brook, Middle, Mount Misery, Muddy Brook, Natchaug, Quinebaug, Shetucket, Snake Meadow Brook, Still, Willimantic

Content last reviewed March 2020.


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Why Small Businesses Matter in Stamford: Med Bills Assist

Why Small Businesses Matter

Shop small, do big things for your community

Why Small Businesses Matter puts a spotlight on the local merchants who donate their time, talent, goods, and services for the betterment of our community. The shop local movement spreads virally as local businesses who are “tagged” have the opportunity to share their story!

You're IT Med Bills Assist!

Four questions with Katalin Goencz, founder of Med Bills Assist.

Why did you start your business?

There was a significant need for services. Medical insurance exists for the purpose of providing financial support for medical care in the case of illness or injury. It is simply common sense to have your insurance pay those medical bills. However, the medical insurance world is complicated and a simple coding error, or insurance processing error, could result in denial or underpayment. It can become a significant debt, a collection nuisance, and a major hit on your credit rating. The good news is that you found MedBillsAssist; your patient advocate.

Finish this sentence in regard to your business. "I wish I could…"

I wish I could provide services for free. It is frustrating to be sick and fight insurance companies at the same time. Most people do not have the time or the expertise to coordinate with doctors, hospitals, and laboratories, and then follow up with medical insurance companies, prescription insurances and/or Medicare. That is where we come in. We can keep your medical claims in order. 

What is your best selling product/service?

All my services are well received. Medical claims management and appeal filing is the most commonly used service.

How many local businesses do you use to support your business (products and services) and can you name them?

We use the UPS store, High Ridge Road location.

Visit Med Bills Assist online here.

HamletHub thanks Fairfield County Bank for making our Why Small Businesses Matter series possible!

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Stamford Opens Westhill Testing Site & COVID-19 Testing Hotline

Mayor David Martin today announced an additional drive-through testing site at Westhill High School and a dedicated COVID-19 Testing Hotline providing residents a single point of contact for information about available testing in the Stamford area.

The Westhill testing site is operated by the City of Stamford’s Department of Health, in collaboration with Stamford Health. This testing site will begin operations Tuesday, March 31st, and will provide testing Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Residents who want an appointment to get tested in Stamford — including those without health insurance or a primary care physician — can call the City’s dedicated COVID-19 Testing Hotline at 1.833.508.TEST (8378). This hotline is operated seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Our main goal continues to be reducing risk of infection through social distancing, but it is vital we ramp up testing availability and access,” said Mayor David Martin. “Stamford’s dedicated COVID-19 Testing Hotline will help residents navigate testing site availability as we continue to add more sites and more healthcare partners addressing this public health emergency.”

The City of Stamford’s COVID-19 Testing Hotline is not a replacement for the State of Connecticut’s 211 services. Connecticut residents can visit or dial 211 for information on testing sites in the state, as well as local services including utility assistance, elder care, crisis intervention, and much more. The City’s COVID-19 Testing Hotline is exclusively for information about testing sites in the Stamford area.

There is a reported shortage of testing kits and medical supplies across the country. Residents should note each testing site is limited by its access to testing kits and medical supplies. Due to this nationwide shortage, testing sites prioritize individuals showing COVID-19 symptoms, first responders, and medical workers.

The City of Stamford refers individuals to four testing sites. Each requires an appointment:

  • Westhill High School: Operated by City of Stamford’s Department of Health.
  • Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Stamford Hospital, Bennett Medical Center Campus: Operated by Stamford Health.
  • Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Cummings Park: Operated by Murphy Medical Associates.
  • Open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • 2001 West Main Street: Operated by DOCS Urgent Care.
  • Open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Open Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Mayor Martin believes Stamford’s peak testing demand may reach approximately 10,000 per week. The City is actively pursuing more testing capacity to reach this goal as more testing “kits” become available from testing suppliers.

Testing for COVID-19 requires a referral/prescription from a primary care physician. Residents who do not have primary care physician or do not have health insurance can visit the City of Stamford’s dedicated webpage on COVID-19 for recommended health care providers and contact information.

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City of Stamford COVID-19 Updates: 86 Confirmed Cases, Community, Nonprofit, Business Resources

Recent COVID-19 updates in Stamford last updated at 6:00 p.m. on March 28

Connecticut’s Department of Public Health provides a daily update on the state’s COVID-19 situation. Residents can visit this link daily for new updates. According to the report, Stamford has 86 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Governor Lamont announced CT Responds, a statewide volunteer management system. o In a video announcing the program, the governor referred to Connecticut businesses that have changed production to provide supplies for healthcare workers. The governor asked students and retired healthcare workers to sign up.

o Direct link: 

President Donald Trump announced he was considering a quarantine of “developing ‘hot spots’, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.”

o Mayor David Martin issued the following statement: “In times of crisis, you need an enormous amount of trust in your leadership to do what needs to be done. On one day the leadership of the federal government is talking about everything being open by Easter and the next day talking about quarantine. That does not give us a lot of confidence or trust. I'm not certain I know what he means by "quarantine." but in Stamford we will work to protect our people regardless if a quarantine is implemented.”

o Governor Lamont issued the following statement: “Regarding the President’s consideration of a quarantine of New York, as well as parts of Connecticut and New Jersey, our state has already called on residents to stay at home. Further, if interstate travel is absolutely necessary, our state has directed travelers to self-quarantine to prevent against further transmission of the virus. I have been in close communication with Governor Cuomo and Governor Murphy, and I look forward to speaking to the President directly about his comments and any further enforcement actions, because confusion leads to panic.”

o Earlier this week, governors in Texas, Florida, Maryland, and South Carolina have ordered people arriving from the New York area — including Connecticut — to self-quarantine for at least 14 days upon arrival.


Mayor Martin released a video encouraging residents to practice social distancing at City parks and explained the City’s motivation for keeping parks open at this time. o Stamford’s City fields and playgrounds are closed.

o Governor Lamont signed an executive order on March 26th restricting gatherings to no more than five people.


Nonprofits who have a client that:

1) uses one of the health clinics as his/her medical home,

2) does not have a primary care physician,

3) needs to be tested for COVID-19, and

4) is unable to negotiate the internal process at the clinic…

o Please call Maria Millan at 203.977.5676 and provide all relevant information. o Clients will be provided with a waiver enabling someone else to represent him/her in securing a test or securing medical information used to support a decision not to test.


Connecticut’s Department of Economic and Community Development has stopped accepting applications for the Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan program.

o The program reportedly received over 4,000 applications since posting the application on Thursday, March 26th . o The state encouraged businesses to apply for U.S. Small Business Administration Disaster Loans here.

Help Stamford

Stamford Together, a citywide volunteer program to help support emergency response efforts related to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Volunteers can contribute to five major initiatives (click each title to sign up):

o Senior Outreach Program: establish contact with Stamford’s senior population and provide basic needs including food, medicine, and medicial support.

o Stamford Public Schools Grab and Go Program: This program provides meals for anyone under the age of 18 at sites throughout the city and needs 50+ adult volunteers to handout prepared meals. Signup through the form or contact Malena Loucks at

o Testing Site Volunteer Program: As the City launches more testing sites, volunteers are needed to keep these sites functional.

o Resident Delivery Program: Volunteer drivers are needed to provide delivery services to quarantined members of our community.

o Medical Reserve Corps: A national network of medical and public health professionals who assist emergency response during public health emergencies.

• Donate to Stamford Health’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response Fund.

• Connecticut’s American Red Cross has requested residents consider donating blood. A map of American Red Cross chapters in Connecticut is available here.

• Building One Community compiled an Amazon wish list for essential items needed for the community, including detergent, soap, and more.

• Foodbank donations are requested for The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. The economic impact of this public health emergency will disproportionately affect residents who are most in need.

o Information on food donations. o Information on monetary donations.

For additional updates click here.

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Ferguson Library Online Resources

* While the library is closed, Ferguson Library is waiving the requirement that patrons come into the library to activate their cards. Once you fill out the application, the library will send you a temporary ID, which is good for three months. Click here to sign up.
* The Ferguson Library has a large collection of ebooks, eaudio and streaming movies, all free for cardholders. Check out the digital offerings available from hoopla, Kanopy, RBdigital, and other providers. For a full list, visit the Digital Media page.
* Need help figuring out how to do it? Connect with a Ferguson librarian in its Virtual Chat room, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
* Instantly borrow digital movies, music, ebooks, and more, 24/7 with your library card.
With hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, hoopla is like having your public library at your fingertips. Anytime. Anywhere.
Borrow 5 titles per month on hoopla.
* Get free access to thousand of movies with your library card. Stream classic cinema, indie films, foreign films, top documentaries and more from Kanopy.
Borrow 5 titles per month on Kanopy.
* RBdigital is a state-of-the-art platform and app providing access to the broadest array of digital content services, including audiobooks, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, comics, entertainment, education, health and wellness, and more. 
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Housatonic Community College Donates Critical Medical Supplies To Hospital Fighting Coronavirus

To support the fight against Coronavirus, Housatonic Community College (HCC) donated critical medical supplies from its math, science and allied health programs today to Yale New Haven Health - Bridgeport Hospital.

Boxes containing medical devices, masks, face shields, sterile gowns, disposable gloves, disposable head covers, shoe covers and general-purpose hand cleansers were gathered together from the school’s supplies and delivered to the hospital for their use. In total, the donation was valued at thousands of dollars.

“Our educational programs celebrate the work of the medical profession, training students for careers in the field. During this crisis we must go beyond academics to aid our community. We thank all of the courageous healthcare providers battling Coronavirus and are happy to do what we can to help,” said Academic Dean Robin Avant.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the HCC campus is currently closed to the public until the end of the spring semester, with all classes and services now delivered online. As a result, the College’s medical supplies won’t be needed until regular classes resume.

“Community Colleges throughout the state are looking at their supplies of personal protective equipment to create donations to local hospitals. Housatonic is at the forefront of that effort,” said Dr. Thomas G. Coley, Acting President Houstaonic Community College and Regional President, CSCU Shoreline-West.

Housatonic Community College offers a wide variety of courses and certification programs related to healthcare. Their popular Surgical Technology program prepares students to become entry-level surgical technologists, and additional courses are offered for students to enter fulfilling careers as medical assistants, patient care technicians, certified nurse aides, pharmacy technicians and more. Through these programs, HCC offers a pipeline of medical staff to area hospitals.

Upon receipt of the supplies, a representative from the hospital thanked the College for the supplies, stating that they were in need and would be put to use.

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COVID-19 Update: Total Cases in Fairfield County is 752, Stamford has 76 Confirmed Positives

COVID-19 Update March 27, 2020

As of March 27, 2020, a total of 1291 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported among Connecticut residents. Cases have been reported in all 8 Connecticut counties. One hundred and seventy-three patients were hospitalized, and 27 residents have died (15 in Fairfield County, 6 in New Haven County, 3 in Tolland County, 2 in Hartford County, and 1 in Middlesex County).

According to the latest report from the State, Danbury has 85 positive COVID-19 cases and there are 752 in Fairfield County. There have been 15 deaths in the county from the virus thus far. Stamford currently has 76 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19.

The Dr. Katherine A. Kelley State Public Health Laboratory has tested a total of 1450 patients for COVID19; 219 (15%) patients tested positive. Testing of specimens received since March 24 is on-going and does not reflect a decrease in testing. Hospital and commercial laboratories also are offering testing for COVID-19 in Connecticut; in total, more than 8400 tests have been reported to date.

To view cases by town and additional COVID-19 data, click here.

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Stamford Resident, Board of Representative Member Tony Spadaccini Dies from Coronavirus

Statement on Death of Anthony “Tony” Spadaccini

Mayor David Martin today announced former Board of Representative member Anthony “Tony” Spadaccini died in the early morning of March 25th due to complications from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Spadaccini is the first Stamford resident to die from the coronavirus. Mayor Martin issued the following statement:

“It is with great sadness I share with Stamford the first death of one of our own. In Tony Spadaccini, Stamford has lost a father, a husband, a civil servant, and an irreplaceable member of our community. Many may know Tony for his service to our City as a member of the Board of Representatives, where he made a memorable contribution in the short time he was on the board. More than any one accomplishment, Tony was a person who made Stamford better. He was a supporter at Stamford High football games, a loving father to his two sons, and an individual who invested his time to make our community better. My condolences to his family and everyone affected by his death.

As COVID-19 continues to transform our day-to-day, we should remember we have the ability to lessen this virus’ impact on our community. Residents should do everything they can to stay home, practice social distancing, wash your hands, and take this public health emergency seriously. I believe most people in Stamford are taking this seriously, but this death should be a wake-up call for those who are not.”

Additionally, Board of Representatives Minority Leader Mary Lisa Fedeli shared the following statement:

“Tony’s contribution to the community especially to the youth of Stamford was astounding — he was so giving of his time and talents, he sorely missed by the community and our hearts go out to his wife Stefanie and his two sons.”

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City Launches Stamford Together Volunteer Program

Mayor David Martin and Board of Representatives President Matthew Quinones announced today Stamford Together — a citywide volunteer program to help support the emergency response efforts related to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

“During this crisis, many residents in this city are willing to help others,” said Mayor David Martin. “This initiative will highlight the strength of our community during difficult times and it is an example of what makes Stamford the strong and unified city that it is.

“In order to ensure our community is doing everything in its power to combat the severe threat COVID-19 represents, we are launching a citywide volunteer program,” said Board of Representatives President Matthew Quinones. “We seek to leverage our nonprofit community and our residents to support these emergency response efforts in a safe, efficient, and productive manner. My hope is through these efforts our community will band together and ensure we are providing the necessary services for all our residents.”

The Stamford Together volunteer program is actively recruiting volunteers to support five initiatives:

Senior Outreach Program will establish positive contact with the Stamford senior population, 70 years of age or older, to ensure basic needs are being addressed:  food, medicine, medical support, etc. the program is seeking volunteers who wish to help make phone calls to seniors in Stamford. The initiative is being organized by volunteer co-directors Robin Druckman and Lauren Meyer.

Stamford Public Schools Grab and Go Program has provided grab and go meals for anyone under the age of 18 at sites throughout the City. The program is in need of adult volunteers to hand out prepared breakfasts and lunches the week of April 6-10 during the hours of 9:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.  

This initiative is being organized by the Stamford Public Education Foundation.

Testing Site Volunteer Program will provide assistance to the several COVID-19 testing sites the City has launched throughout the community. There is a need to expand the number of volunteers to support the operations of this effort which include managing traffic, distributing supplies, etc.

This volunteer initiative is being led by City Representative Benjamin Lee and being supported by volunteers from Stamford’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program.

The Resident Delivery Program seeks to provide volunteer drivers to help existing food delivery service providers, ensuring that quarantined members of the community have access to all necessary supplies, through a citywide delivery program. The initiative will seek to work collaboratively with existing nonprofit providers and establish any gaps in services.

The management of this effort is being organized by the United Way of Western Connecticut.

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national network of community-based groups of volunteers and medical and public health professionals who assist their communities in activities that promote and strengthen public health, emergency response, and community resiliency. The program is administered by the Department of Health and Human Services. MRC volunteers include medical and public health professionals, as well as other community members without healthcare backgrounds.

Individuals seeking to sign up to volunteer or find out more information on the Stamford Together initiative can visit our website at  Residents may also call the Stamford Together volunteer phone line at 203-977-5850 which will be staffed from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

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City of Stamford COVID-19 Updates: Senior Outreach Program, Public Schools Grab and Go, and More

The City announced Stamford Togethera citywide volunteer program to help support emergency response efforts related to the COVID-19 public health emergency. This program is the result of a collaboration between the Board of Representative President Matthew Quinones and Mayor David Martin. Volunteers can contribute to five major initiatives.

Senior Outreach Program: establish contact with Stamford’s senior population and provide basic needs including food, medicine, and medicial support.

Stamford Public Schools Grab and Go Program: This program provides meals for anyone under the age of 18 at sites throughout the city and needs 50+ adult volunteers to handout prepared meals. Signup through the form or contact Malena Loucks at

Testing Site Volunteer Program: As the City launches more testing sites, volunteers are needed to keep these sites functional.

Resident Delivery Program: Volunteer drivers are needed to provide delivery services to quarantined members of our community.

Medical Reserve Corps: A national network of medical and public health professionals who assist emergency response during public health emergencies.

Connecticut’s Department of Health released a live COVID-19 dashboardtracking COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths across the state.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority posted its essential services scheduleeffective Friday, March 27 and continuing until further notice.

Ongoing information:

  • All information about the City of Stamford’s response to the COVID-19 public health emergency can be found at
  • A list of services, businesses, and organizations affected by the COVID-19 public health emergency is available under the “Services” section of this newsletter.
  • The City of Stamford would like to remind residents of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines for protecting yourself from potential infection:
  • COVID-19 is spread through close contact. Coughing produces respiratory droplets that physically land on objects. These droplets can land on mouths or noses of a people who are nearby, and possibly inhaled into the lungs. 
  • COVID-19 is most commonly spread person-to-person. Residents should limit gatherings of 10 people or moreWe ask Stamford residents to advocate to their friends, family, and neighbors to follow social distancing guidelines and limit contact with others.
  • Grocery stores and pharmacies taking measures to limit the number of individuals inside their business should be mindful they do not indirectly create a large crowd of waiting customers outside their business. Waiting customers can space out to limit close contact with one another.
  • Mayor Martin said the City’s testing capacity demand could reach up to 10,000 tests per week. Currently, the three sites recommended sites (see: Community, Ongoing Information) have a combined testing capacity of approximately 2,500 per week.
  • Mayor Martin announced the City was working with medical practitioners willing to open more testing sites to test all residents — including residents who still need health insurance.
  • Mayor Martin announced the City was pursuing streamlining the testing process so residents only had to call a single number to receive instructions on how to get tested and where.
  • Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill announced Connecticut’s presidential primaries would be moved from April 28th to June 2nd.
  • The State of Connecticut has advised residents to be wary of false rumors, such as:
  • The State of Connecticut has not implemented a curfew of any kind for residents.
  • The State of Connecticut has not closed its borders or highways to New York or any other state.

Community Updates

Recent updates:

Ongoing information:

  • The City of Stamford maintains a dedicated webpage for updates on the COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • Please note some information previously listed in this section (Community Updates, Ongoing Information) has been moved to “Services Update, Ongoing information.”
  • Access Health Connecticut — the state’s official healthcare marketplace — is now enrolling residents for healthcare coverage. This special enrollment period ends April 2nd. Connecticut residents can call 855.365.2428 to sign up for healthcare coverage.
  • Available testing for COVID-19 (all sites require an appointment):
  • Cummings Park. Operated by Murphy Medical Associates. Open Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Schedule an appointment online or call 203.658.6051.
  • Stamford Hospital on Bennett Medical Center Campus. Operated by Stamford Health. Open Monday through Friday, 8a.m. to 4 p.m. Schedule an appointment by calling 203.276.4111.
  • 2001 West Main Street. Operated by DOCS Urgent Care. Opening by the end of next week (March 27th). Schedule an appointment online or call 203.298.4600.
  • Residents concerned they may have symptoms of COVID-19 should immediately call their primary care physician.
  • Symptoms include: fever, coughing, and shortness of breath.
  • Primary care physicians will make an assessment and prescribe testing if appropriate.
  • Residents with symptoms of COVID-19 should notify medical professionals before visiting health care institutions. Medical staff need to prepare personal protection equipment prior to examining patients.
  • Residents who DO NOT have Primary Care Physicians, but DO have health insurance, can contact their health insurance provider to obtain names of approved Primary Care Physicians to contact.
  • Stamford Health recommends residents call 1.877.233.9355 to receive a list of all physicians who can provide prescriptions of testing.
  • Residents who DO NOT have Primary Care Physicians OR health insurance may contact one of the following organizations:
  • Optimus Health Care: 203.327.5111
  • Community Health Center of Stamford: 203.323.8160
  • Americares: 203.658.9500. Not accepting new patients.
  • Family Centers Health: 203.717.1760. Not accepting walk-ins.
  • Access Health CT: 855.365.2428. Only available through Thursday, April 2nd.
  • Stamford Health recommends residents call Stamford Health’s COVID-19 hotline: 203.276.4111.
  • The City is actively pursuing more testing options for Stamford residents:
  • Independent testing sites may be available throughout Stamford. Connecticut’s Department of Public Health provides licenses to medical practitioners to conduct testing. These practitioners are not required to notify — or “register” — with the City of Stamford to operate testing sites.
  • Stamford Health announced Stamford Hospital is no longer allowing visitors to “protect the health and wellbeing of patients, staff, and community.”
  • Pediatric and NICU patients will be allowed 2 parent/guardian visitors. Labor & Delivery patients will be allowed 1 designated support person.
  • Residents who are recently out-of-work as a result of the COVID-19 public health emergency can apply for unemployment benefits with the State of Connecticut.
  • The State has provided answers to frequently asked questions about unemployment benefits and how they relate to the COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • Residents can click here for more information on how to file for unemployment benefits if your employment was impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • Legal actions enforcing evictions or foreclosures have effectively been put on hold until May 1, 2020.
  • Elected officials have advised residents to contact their local representative if they receive an eviction or ejection notice.
  • Attorney General William Tong reminded residents to submit complaints of price-gouging directly to his office.
  • Stamford’s Board of Finance has delayed all budget hearings for the next two weeks, including all Fiscal Committee budget hearings.
  • The City of Stamford has used web conferencing for internal meetings since last week and may utilize online web conferencing for board, commission, and public hearing meetings when appropriate.
  • Inventory at local food retail stores may have been depleted due to higher demand, but at this time store owners anticipate restocks of their inventory in the coming days.
  • Residents using toilet paper alternatives: DO NOT FLUSH THESE ALTERNATIVES. Paper towels and wet wipes will clog plumbing. Widespread flushing of these products will create severe blockage of sewage infrastructure.
  • Residents who plan to buy toilet paper in bulk should be aware:
  • There have not been any reports of supply chain shortages of toilet paper in the country. Whereas previous emergencies have caused shortages — such as in 2012 when there was a gasoline shortage due to gasoline refineries damaged by Hurricane Sandy — toilet paper continues to be produced and delivered to stores.
  • Additionally, a website called “How Much Toilet Paper” allows residents to calculate how long their supply of toilet paper would last.
  • Stamford residents and businesses are reminded Mayor David Martin has suspended Stamford’s plastic bag ordinance. Grocery stores are free to provide disposable plastic bags or forgo the 10-cent charge for paper bags (however, businesses are not required to provide plastic bags or forgo the 10-cent charge for paper pages)
  • The Mayor of Stamford is granted emergency powers by Connecticut general statues 28-8a and Stamford’s charter C3-10-10 following the Governor’s declarations of public health and civil preparedness emergencies.

Business Updates

Recent updates:

Ongoing information:

  • President Donald Trump signed The Emergency Families First Coronavirus Response Act H.R. 6201 into law on Wednesday, March 18th. The bill will go into effect within 15 days.
  • The bill would — among many other things — provide reimbursements for small businesses (50 or fewer employees) who provide 14 days of additional paid sick leave to employees during a public health emergency. This benefit can be applied retroactively to sick leave taken before the bill was signed into law.
  • The City of Stamford maintains a dedicated page for resources assisting businesses affected by the COVID-19 public health emergency. Resources includes: financial assistance, disaster loans, unemployment benefits, etc.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have provided information specifically for businesses.
  • Guidelines for reducing risk of infection among the workforce.
  • Recommendations for environmental cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Recommendations for businesses hoping to take advantage of delivery and pickup options.
  • Deadlines extended as a result of COVID-19:
  • The State of Connecticut has extended tax filing deadlines by “at least 30 days.” Businesses with taxes due on June 1st 2020 have had the deadline extended to July 1st 2020.
  • Connecticut’s Department of Economic Community Development is deferring all Small Business Express payments for three months.
  • For small business assistance please call the Department of Economic Community Development’s business hotline at 860.500.2333.
  • The Federal Internal Revenue Service extended the April 15th tax filing deadline for individuals to July 15th.
  • The Department of Economic & Community Development is conducting a survey to better understand the economic impact on local businesses. Business owners are advised to fill out the “Economic Injury Worksheet” found on the City of Stamford’s website.
  • There is no limit frame to submitting the Economic Injury Worksheet.
  • Stamford business owners can submit their worksheet confidentially to Thomas Madden, Stamford’s Director of Economic Development, at
  • Stamford’s COVID-19 webpage for businesses now includes details about federal laws that may impact local businesses, including:
  • Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion Act: Providing employees 12 workweeks of leave if they are unable to work due to a need for leave to care for the son or daughter under 18 years of age of such employee if the school or place has been closed, or the child care provider of such son or daughter is unavailable, due to COVID-19.
  • Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act: Full-time employees will be entitled to 80 hours of paid sick leave for certain qualifying reasons.
  • Various proposed bills being discussed.
  • Financial assistance available to businesses.

Services Updates

Recent Updates:

Ongoing information:

  • The City of Stamford maintains a dedicated page for closures and services affected by the COVID-19 public health emergency.
  • The following businesses are STILL OPEN:
  • Gas stations.
  • Grocery stores.
  • Pharmacies
  • The following businesses have been closed until further notice:
  • All non-essential businesses as a result of Governor Ned Lamont’s Executive Order No.7H.
  • All restaurants and bars. Takeout and delivery options still available.
  • All gyms and movie theaters.
  • All amusement parks, bowling alleys, and indoor walkways for large shopping malls.
  • All body care facilities.
  • The following City services have be affected by COVID-19:
  • The City of Stamford’s plastic bag ordinance is suspended until further notice.
  • Stamford Government Center is closed to all visitors who do not have an appointment.
  • Vital departments will continue operations, including: Public Safety (Police, Fire), 911 Communications, Highways Department, and Recycling & Sanitation Department.
  • Building Department: Emergency protocol available on the department’s webpage.
  • Building permits: Submit online.
  • Inquiries: Contact David Nelson at 203.977.1194.
  • Engineering Department: All permit applications and payments must be submitted online.
  • Documents for plan review can be left in the drop-box located in the Government Center Lobby.
  • Land Use Department: General information available on the department’s webpage.
  • Inquiries: Contact 203.977.4711 or
  • Zoning permits (building, sheds, fences, etc.):
  • EPB permits (inland wetlands, septic, etc.):
  • ZBA applications (variances, special exceptions, auto dealers, etc.):
  • Planning Board (Master Plan amendments, subdivisions, etc.):
  • Zoning Board (special exceptions, zoning text changes, zoning map changes, coastal site plans):
  • Recycling and Sanitation Department:
  • Household textiles in pink bags program is suspended until further notice.
  • Scale House and Katrina Mygatt Recycling Center continue to follow their normal schedule.
  • Activities of 10 or more people at City parks and fields are prohibited. City staff will post clear signage at parks and fields.  
  • Residents must take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by reducing contact with other individuals. This includes canceling sports, group activities, and avoiding any event or outing with 10 or more people.
  • The City of Stamford has suspended pay-to-park requirements for all City metered parking spaces until further notice.
  • The City of Stamford’s 120-hour parking violation has been suspended until further notice.
  • Stamford’s Town Clerk’s Office is providing free internet access to land records data for the duration of the public health emergency.
  • Stamford’s Tax Assessor’s Office’s Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowner programs will not require appointments for the duration of this public health emergency.
  • Stamford Police Department’s Records Room is closed to the public until further notice.
  • Boards and Commission meetings have received “procedural relief” due to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order No. 7I and may:
  • Extend budget adoption deadlines
  • Suspend in-person requirements for various meetings/public hearings
  • The following State services have been affected by COVID-19:
  • Connecticut’s Department of Motor Vehicles has suspended in-person visits at all branches until further notice.
  • Connecticut’s Department of Energy & Environmental Protection has suspended enforcement of retailers accepting empty beverage containers for redemption until further notice.
  • The following utilities have been affected by COVID-19:
  • Eversource (electric):
  • Postponed disconnections for nonpayment for residential and business customers across electric, natural gas, and water operations.
  • Warned customers of an increase in scam activity.
  • Aquarion (water):
  • Suspended shutoffs for nonpayment.
  • Warned customers of an increase in scam activity.
  • Altice USA (internet):
  • Not terminating broadband services for residential or small businesses due to nonpayment.
  • Offering free 30 Mbps broadband to households with students (K-12 or college).
  • The following is an alphabetical list of organizations, institutions, and businesses impacted by COVID-19:
  • Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy: Closed until Monday, March 30th.
  • Boys and Girls Club of Stamford: Closed until further notice.
  • Building One Community: The building will remain open.
  • Classes, group programs & events are canceled effective immediately for an indefinite amount of time.
  • Chelsea Piers: Closed Friday, March 13 through at least Tuesday, March 31.
  • Children's Learning Center:  Closed Monday, March 16 through at least Friday, March 27.
  • Ferguson Library: Closed Friday, March 13 to Monday March 30.
  • Islamic Center of Stamford: Closed until further notice.
  • Italian Center: All group fitness, youth programs and group swim lessons are postponed until further notice.
  • King School: Closed until March 29th.
  • New Covenant Center: Effective March 17th, Contingency meal service protocols in place. Café temporarily closed to the public.
  • Only staff and volunteers allowed into the facility. Lunch and dinner meals will be distributed on bagged or boxed meal-to-go basis.
  • Food pantry distribution will still go forth on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with a reduction on how many enlisted guests can shop at a time.
  • Individuals with day-of-shopping appointments will be checked-in and escorted to sit and wait in café area.
  • Schoke Jewish Family Services: Closed as of March 17th. Freedberg Kosher Food Pantry will remain open, providing pre-packaged bags available for pickup outside the building. Counseling services provided through telephone sessions.
  • Stamford Jewish Community Center: Closed through Friday, March 27th.
  • Stamford Museum & Nature Center: Closed to the public until further notice.
  • Stamford Police Department: All fingerprinting services provided will be temporarily suspended.
  • Stamford Public Schools: All schools will be closed through Friday, April 10th.
  • Stamford Recreation: Closed until further notice.
  • Stamford Senior Center: All Senior Center programs and activities suspended as of March 12th.
  • Stamford YMCA: Closed until further notice
  • Town Clerk’s Office: Appointment only (essential business only)
  • UConn Stamford: Campus closed until further notice, classes will be held online for the remainder of the semester.
  • Several supermarkets announced morning hours will be reserved for elderly residents who are more at-risk for COVID-19 infections.
  • Cingari’s Grade A ShopRite Supermarkets in Stamford will reserve 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. for customers 65 and older.
  • Laroccas Supermarket will reserve 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. for customers 60 and older.
  • Acme Markets will reserve 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., Monday through Friday for customers 60 and older.
  • Stop and Shop Supermarkets will reserve 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. for customers aged 60 and older.
  • The following is a list of services available for low-income residents:
  • Person-to-Person Food assistance. Groceries and fresh produce, protein, and dairy are available to residents with income below 235% Federal Poverty Guidelines, or employees furloughed due to COVID-19.
  • Please call 203.655.0048 to make an appointment.
  • Visit for more information.
  • Stamford’s location is 425 Fairfield Avenue, Building 1, Suite 111, Stamford, CT 06902.
  • Person-to-Person on Wheels mobile pantry serves Stamford neighborhoods with fresh produce, protein, dairy, tuna, beans, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, soups, fruits & vegetables, pasta, and rice. The mobile pantry is available at the following times and neighborhoods:
  • Mondays, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Yerwood Boys & Girls Club, 90 Fairfield Avenue.
  • Mondays, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Stamford Manor, 26 Main Street.
  • Tuesdays, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Ferguson Library South End, 34 Woodland Avenue.
  • Tuesdays, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. Shippan Place, 521 Shippan Avenue.
  • Wednesdays, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Domus, 83 Lockwood Avenue.
  • Thursdays, 3 p.m. – 7 p.m. Building One Community, 75 Selleck Street.
  • Person-to-Person Emergency Financial Assistance: Caseworkers meet with clients to determine eligibility for emergency financial assistance for rent, security deposits, utilities, and small emergency expenses. Residents can call 203.655.0048.
  • Stamford-based SilverSource provides resources to seniors. Stamford seniors — or individuals interested in volunteering — can contact 203.324.6584. Resources include:
  • Individual Assistance & Emergency Support: Serving seniors in need of housing stability or healthcare needs. Social work consultations are taken by phone.
  • Prescription Deliveries: Seniors currently on the prescription program will continue to receive medications with the support of pharmacy delivery services.
  • Grocery Deliveries: SilverSource has set up pop-up food pantry/distribution centers to support homebound seniors with grocery deliveries. Volunteers and staff make front door drop-offs and utilize delivery services.
  • Medical Transportation: SilverSource continues to provide free transportation to essential medical appointments. A rigorous wipe-down is done of the transport vehicle between each passenger trip.
  • Senior Wellness Check-ins: Staff and volunteers connect with older clients by phone to ensure they are well and reduce isolation.

Help Stamford’s community:

  • Connecticut’s American Red Cross has requested residents consider donating blood. A map of American Red Cross chapters in Connecticut is available here.
  • Building One Community compiled an Amazon wish list for essential items needed for the community, including detergent, soap, and more.
  • Food bank donations are requested for The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County. The economic impact of this public health emergency will disproportionately affected residents who are most in need.
  • Information on food donations.
  • Information on monetary donations.
  • Volunteers are needed locally for the Medical Reserve Corps — a national network of medical and public health professionals who assist communities with public health and emergency response.

School Updates

Recent updates:

  • Governor Ned Lamont signed an executive order extending the date classes are canceled at all public schools to April 20th.

Ongoing information:

  • The City of Stamford maintains a dedicated webpage for updates about Stamford Public Schools.
  • Connecticut’s standardized testing requirements are suspended, following the federal government’s announcement on Friday allowing school testing to be canceled or postponed.
  • This includes Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and School Day Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).
  • Advanced Placement (AP) exams will be available online.  
  • All Stamford Public Schools are closed until Friday, April 10th (but may be extended to April 20th)
  • Stamford Public Schools’ “Distance Learning Plan” was approved by Connecticut’s State Department of Education. As a result, out-of-school teaching sessions will contribute to the state’s requirement for a minimum of 180 school days per school year.
  • Stamford Public Schools will continue to provide grab-and-go meals from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. to anyone under the age of 18. Residents can pick up their meal from any of the following locations:
  • All locations serving Grab-and-Go meals will switch to a three-day schedule beginning on Monday, March 30th:
  • Monday: two breakfasts, two lunches per student.
  • Wednesday: two breakfasts, two lunches per student.
  • Friday: three breakfasts, three lunches per student.
  • Elementary Schools:
  • Davenport Ridge, 1300 Newfield Avenue.
  • Hart Magnet, 61 Adams Avenue.
  • Julia A. Stark, 398 Glenbrook Road.
  • K.T. Murphy, 19 Horton Street.
  • Newfield, 345 Pepper Ridge Road.
  • Northeast, 82 Scofieldtown Road.
  • Rogers International School, 202 Blachley Road.
  • Roxbury, 751 West Hill Road.
  • Springdale, 1127 Hope Street.
  • Stillmeadow, 800 Stillwater Road.
  • Strawberry Hill, 200 Strawberry Hill Avenue.
  • Westover Magnet, 1 Elmcroft Road.
  • Middle Schools:
  • Cloonan, 11 West North Street. (Until March 27th)
  • Dolan, 51 Toms Road.
  • Rippowam, 381High Ridge Road.
  • High Schools:
  • Stamford High School, 55 Strawberry Hill Avenue. (Until March 27th)
  • Community-based Organizations and Programs:
  • Stamford Public Schools Anchor at Harbor Landing, 68 Southfield Avenue.
  • Yerwood Center, 90 Fairfield Avenue.
  • Chester Addison Center, 245 Selleck Street.
  • Trailblazer (Domus), 83 Lockwood Avenue.
  • Faith Tabernacle Church, 29 Grove Street.
  • On Friday, March 27th the following locations will no longer serve Grab-and-Go meals, families can pick up meals at any other school:
  • Stamford High School, 55 Strawberry Hill Avenue.
  • Cloonan Middle School, 11 West North Street
  • Governor Ned Lamont announced he would sign an executive order extending the cancellation of classes at schools statewide to at least April 20th.

City of Stamford Contact Information / Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions relating to COVID-19 testing, infections, and quarantine: City of Stamford’s Department of Health at 203.977.4398 (after work hours call 211) or
  • Questions relating to environmental cleaning or personal protective equipment: Director of Lab James Federici at 203.977.4378 or
  • Questions relating to schools and daycares: Nursing Supervisor Pat Caldwell at 203.977.4370 or
  • Questions relating to restaurants, hotels, motels, rooming houses, or pools: Environmental Inspector Gail McRae at 203.977.5122 or
  • Questions from the press: City spokesperson Arthur Augustyn at 203.977.5115 or
  • Questions from business owners: Director of Economic Development Thomas Madden or
  • Questions about food distribution or food insecurity: Director of Social Services Ellen Bromley at 203.977.4112 or
  • City of Stamford’s pre-recorded COVID-19 hotline: 203.977.8840.
  • All other questions: Department of Health at 203.977.4398 or
  • Other contact information:
  • State of Connecticut’s COVID-19 information hotline: dial 211.

Stamford Health’s COVID-19 hotline: 203.276.41

]]> (City of Stamford) Neighbors Wed, 25 Mar 2020 16:22:24 -0400
Connecticut State Police Employees Test Positive for COVID-19

As of this date, the State Police has four (4) confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our agency. This is not unexpected given the nature of this virus' transmission.

These four cases consist of a Trooper from Troop G - Bridgeport, Troop L - Litchfield, the Training Academy in Meriden and a recruit from the 129th Training Troop (training remotely).

Since symptom onset, they were all placed in self-quarantine.

The department is pleased to report that all of these individuals are doing well, in good spirits, and expected to make a full recovery. We continue to remind our employees and the public to maintain social distancing rules, wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds, cough/sneeze into your elbow, and Stay Home, Stay Safe if you can!

]]> (CT State Police) Public safety Wed, 25 Mar 2020 15:19:44 -0400