Stamford Resident Doug Kuring Earns Certified Financial Planner™ Designation

Stamford Resident Doug Kuring Earns Certified Financial Planner Designation

Stamford resident Doug Kuring has earned the CFP® certification after meeting the “educational, experience, examination and ethical requirements” of the CFP Board. At Reby Advisors, a financial planning firm with offices in Connecticut, New York and Florida, Kuring helps individuals and families develop strategies to achieve their financial goals and sustain their lifestyle.

“I believe that any individual or family seeking high-quality financial planning advice for their future deserves to be working with a competent professional who understands the complexities of estate planning, insurance, investments, retirement, and taxes and how they each interact to shape their financial future. The curriculum and process I put myself through to earn the CFP® designation was necessary from my perspective in order to provide the best advice possible to my clients. It’s important for people in the community to understand, especially nowadays, that there are elite financial planners who welcome the level of training, professionalism, and responsibility it takes to be fiduciaries for their clients – myself and the team of CFPs we have at Reby Advisors embrace those standards every day.”

To obtain the Certified Financial Planner™ designation, an individual is required to complete an intense curriculum on a wide range of personal finance topics, including education planning, insurance strategies, investment management, tax planning, retirement income planning, estate planning and professional ethics. After their degree is earned, the individual must pass the CFP® certification exam.

Working alongside the Reby Advisors team, Kuring has advised clients on how to build and protect their financial assets, identify and reduce the risks that could derail their future, and generate a sustainable retirement income that supports their desired lifestyle and the achievement of their goals.

Kuring has hosted numerous financial planning seminars, educating local Fairfield, Litchfield, and Westchester County residents about “Transitioning from Career to Retirement”. According to Kuring’s seminar presentation, individuals approaching retirement today must consider the following issues:

  •          Understanding how to convert assets into income in order to live an ideal lifestyle, and not run out of money
  •          Protecting retirement income from excessive taxes and inflation
  •          Paying for healthcare costs in retirement
  •          Maximizing monthly income from Social Security
  •          Investing to maintain a current lifestyle for over a 30-year retirement.
  •          Unforeseen expenses in retirement that can derail planning
  •          Why the first 3-5 years of retirement set the stage for the rest of someone’s life.
  •          The financial implications of living longer than expected.

Anyone interested in viewing the 50-minute presentation may do so at: http://www.rebyadvisors.com/reby-advisors-educational-events-videos

About Doug Kuring, CFP®

Doug Kuring grew up in New Milford, Connecticut and now lives with his wife, Jess, in Stamford, Connecticut. Doug played Lacrosse at and graduated from Fairfield University with a B.A. in Finance. He completed GE’s two-year Financial Management Program prior to joining Reby Advisors in 2014. He enjoys golfing, CrossFit, and spending time with family and friends.

About Reby Advisors

Reby Advisors is a financial planning firm founded by Bob Reby, CFP® in 1985. Through its signature planning tool, The Lifestyle Sustainability Scorecard™, Reby Advisors aims to help clients strengthen and improve their financial security by identifying new opportunities to increase income capability and address risks that have the potential to derail one’s lifestyle. Interested parties can learn more about Reby Advisors at www.rebyadvisors.com.

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