Meet Stamford Downtown's New Social Service Outreach Ambassador

In December 2020, Stamford Downtown’s Ambassador and Environmental Maintenance Team welcomed Chris Calderon to provide social service outreach. Chris, who holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Hartford, will utilize his education to act as the primary liaison with the population of individuals who frequent areas of the Downtown and may be in need of various forms of help.

Chris will work to not only connect these individuals with available social services, but closely collaborate with them to ensure they attend scheduled appointments with doctors, therapists, or case managers. He also will work with Stamford Downtown’s VicePresident of Operations to further build the organization’s working relationships with community partners such as Laurel House, Inspirica, Pacific House and the Stamford Police Department. The addition of this service will help improve the sense of safety, and the quality of the pedestrian environment, within downtown.

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