5 Questions with Gabriel Wolff, owner of Wink Frozen Desserts

Sugar-Free. Low Calorie. Plant Based

Wink Frozen Desserts, a plant-based ice cream alternative, uses organic stevia and monkfruit which enables them to keep their ice cream naturally sugar-free. With 100-calorie pints free of sugar and dairy, Wink Frozen Desserts come in several different flavors as well!

I had the honor of interviewing Gabriel Wolff, the owner of Wink Frozen Desserts.

Why did you start this business? Why did you pick that niche?

I grew up struggling with my weight, and before college was diagnosed with a host of food allergies. When I got to University, I was really missing ice cream more than ever, particularly because I couldn't have it anymore (it was my comfort food). I noticed that all the non-dairy brands, as well as dairy ice creams at the time, were loaded with sugar and fat to compensate for the lack of milk fat. The only way to satisfy my craving was to scratch my own itch, so I began making my own "ice cream" in my college dorm. Eventually, other people began asking me to make the frozen dessert for them because of their own dietary restrictions, and the rest snowballed from there.

What is the most popular product you offer?

Probably our Cake Batter and Cocoa Dough flavors, but that may change with some of the new goodies we have coming out!

What was your biggest surprise after entering the food industry?

How antiquated it is. My wife and I thought the industry should operate really efficiently, you know, the manufacturer makes a product and sells it to the grocery store to be retailed. We were so wrong. There are so many different bottlenecks between production and in-store retail that gunk up the process, thus increasing costs across the board. However, it seems that things in the industry may begin to update to a more modern operational structure.

Why are free-of labels important to you?

They provide peace of mind. 8 out of every 10 times I eat at a restaurant or have someone else prepare food for me, I end up getting sick. Having "free-from" labels provides an industry standard that I know the manufacturer had to abide by to ensure that I, as a consumer, won't get sick due to my food allergy or restriction.

Is there anything you wish I asked?

Anything about Stamford? We love living and working here, but are concerned about the business climate, especially considering the high turnover with brick and mortar locations downtown. While Wink Frozen Desserts may not be in the market for a physical retail location, it'd be more reassuring to see the development of more small businesses around us - when there's flourishment for small business, it attracts more entrepreneurship.

Thank you, Gabriel, for your time! Please check out the Wink Frozen Desserts website here


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