Fairgate Farm in Stamford Raises Funds to Provide Seating for Its New Outdoor Classroom!

Fairgate Farm Raises Funds to Provide Seating for Its New Outdoor Classroom!

-- Nonprofit crowdfunds to purchase 6 teak benches for the Anthony Pellicci Pergola --

The nonprofit Fairgate Farm in Stamford is raising funds to provide 6 teak benches for its Outdoor Classroom under the Pellicci Pergola at Fairgate Farm. You can learn more about the project here

According to Vin Tufo, the chief executive officer of Charter Oak Communities, sponsor of the Farm, said: “In the past year, the number of visitors and volunteers to Fairgate Farm has doubled!”

“People of all ages are enjoying gardening, healthy activity, classes, relaxation, annual and corporate group events under the new Pellicci Pergola! The Pellicci Pergola is in the form of a grapevine-covered arbor where volunteers and other local residents can mingle while enjoying Fairgate Farm and appreciating the rich, cultural diversity of Stamford. Providing visual appeal and shade, grape vines native to the West Side are growing up the sides and will eventually cover the pergola, making it feel much like an ‘outdoor classroom’,” Tufo continued.

“The pergola is named in memory of Anthony Pellicci, a community member who was dedicated to invigorating the West Side neighborhood, where his family’s restaurant has welcomed countless regulars, new arrivals and a few famous celebrities for seventy years.”

Tufo noted, “We’re very proud of our efforts, but needs for further improvements at Fairgate Farm are ongoing. Now through September, we are seeking to purchase six teak benches for under the pergola where guests of all ages can enjoy classes and events, rest and mingle while visiting, volunteering, and enjoying the beauty of this West Side oasis.”

Our goal is to raise $4,200 to purchase 6 teak benches for the Pellicci Pergola. Please take a look at our project at here to learn more, donate, and please share to help spread the word!



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