Stamford Mayor Visits 1st Graders at King School, Talks About How Stamford Works

Every morning, Grade 1 students are aware that though they come from several different cities, they come together at King School in Stamford to share a day full of discovery and creativity with their teacher Julia Rachinsky-Wood. This fall, as students are exploring 'How Stamford Works,' Ms. Rachinsky-Wood encourages her students to ask questions and make their own discoveries, building critical thinking skills and experience as problem-solvers. 

Grade 1 students began the exploration of Stamford by studying maps of the city; they were especially excited to locate King School on the map! Students brainstormed a list of places in Stamford; including Stamford Hospital, the library, restaurants, parks, and beaches. They added people significant in keeping us safe to their list including police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians.

Who makes all of this work? The Grade 1 students learned about the role of a city mayor and are curious to learn who he is and how helps to make our city run and be safe for its citizens.  What better way to answer these questions than to ask the mayor directly? We welcomed the Honorable Mayor David Martin to the Grade 1 classroom.  Mayor Martin introduced himself and proudly shared the King tie he had chosen to wear, given to him on a previous visit to campus. 

The excitement today was palpable when students, equipped with note cards complete with thoughtful questions, met Mayor Martin.   Grade 2 students, with their teacher Mrs. Emily Decker, are exploring 'Communities' and they joined this unique opportunity to meet the mayor. Students and Mayor Martin discussed questions ranging from "How did you get enough money to build such a huge hospital?" and "How do police know someone crossed a red light?," to "Why isn't there an ice cream shop in my neighborhood?" and many more.  

In the Mayor's honor, students built a model of the city of Stamford out of Lincoln Logs. Mayor Martin graciously accepted hand written and illustrated notes of appreciation. He also received a King mug as well as a decorated flower pot with sprouts from the class spider plant as a reminder of the students' appreciation for his visit. Mayor Martin is the first of many visitors who will help the students discover and understand all they can about "The City that Works."

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