Stamford Police Officers Save 7 Year Old who Fell Into Water at Cummings Park

Stamford Police Officers were sent to the fishing pier at Cummings Park at 6:27 p.m. on Sunday, July 16, for a child that fell off Pier into water and could not swim. Dispatch furthered advised that child was holding onto pylon in the water.

On arrival patrol officers observed a child approximately 70 feet out in the water with his head just above the water holding on to pylon of the fishing pier. Officers Rosa and Montanaro ran down the pier and Sgt White entered the water from the beach alongside the pier. Officers Rosa and Montanaro seeing the child’s arms shaking as he was holding on to the pylon so they jumped the 4 foot fence off the pier into the water. Officer Rosa was able to grab child and all Officers swam back to the beach with the child. EMS transported the 7 year old boy to Stamford Hospital where he was treated and released.

The Stamford Police Department is very proud of the response of the three officers who responded to this call for assistance. We are very happy that the child is now home his family tonight.


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