Hey Stratford, It's America Recycles Day!

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) reminds everyone to take part in America Recycles Day, celebrated annually on November 15th. While recycling happens every day of the year, November 15 is set aside to recognize and celebrate the positive impacts of reducing, reusing, recycling, composting, and closing the recycling loop in our communities, schools, businesses and state agencies.

“Recycling is one of the easiest things everyone can do to help our environment,” said DEEP Commissioner Rob Klee. “Recycling begins at home, and is a fun way to engage children in the benefits of helping to protect our planet. I encourage everyone to do their part each day by reducing, reusing and recycling.”

To assist in ensuring a clean recycling stream, RecycleCT in partnership with the DEEP and Connecticut Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs), the organizations that process our residential mixed recyclables, last year developed the ‘What’s IN, What’s OUT’ list of acceptable materials for our mixed recycling bins.

The ‘What’s IN, What’s OUT’ campaign has been recognized with regional and national awards for encouraging recycling. With an easy to use widget that provides quick answers to questions about what can and cannot be recycled, short videos highlighting recycling issues, and materials related to recycling that Connecticut cities and towns can share with the residents, RecycleCT.com has become the go to site on the web for all questions regarding recycling in Connecticut.

Since the launch of the ‘What’s IN, What’s OUT’ campaign in 2017, the website has experienced more than 7.4 million impressions, 70,000 web site visits, 104,000 sorting RecycleCT wizard searches and 1.9 million video views.

RecycleCT.Com Top Ten Items Searched:

IN – Acceptable in mixed recycling bin

Pizza Boxes (no food, removed liner)
Plastic take-out containers (rinsed, no food)
Aluminum foil
Milk, juice cartons
Plastic “clam shell” container (not Styrofoam)
OUT – Not acceptable in mixed recycling bin

Plastic Bags
Shredded Paper
Battery (non-rechargeable)
Prescription Bottles


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