Drop Your Cable Bill to $7.99 Per Month

How to lower your cable bill to $7.99

by Matthew Granite 

AUSTIN -- The cost of cable and satellite services are too high for many families to afford, so today by viewer request: how to lower that monthly bill to $7.99.

While this certainly isn't for everyone or the most demanding viewers, I have successfully lowered my bill from the previous $100 per month I was paying.

Considering I was only watching eight of the channels in my provider package, I've made the personal decision to go Roku.

Here's how to sever the ties:

1) Buy a Roku for a one-time fee of $49.99 (more on Roku in a minute).Go here to purchase a Roku.

2) Get a subscription to Hulu Plus for $7.99 a month (so you can watch your favorite new primetime shows, as well as previous episodes). Go hereto subscribe to Hulu Plus.

3) Buy a good HD antenna so you can still watch KVUE! Go here to buy an HD antenna.

So what is Roku?

It's a beautiful little box that you might want to consider that allows you to watch most of your favorite TV and movie content on demand.

For the new low starting price of $50, this system, which doesn't require a subscription fee, streams most of the content you're paying for through your cable/satellite provider to your TV, in HD for free.

Roku provides free access to dozens and dozens of channels via its new and improved interface.

Some of my favorites include Crackle, a free movie service, NBC News, Wall Street Journal Live, CNBC and CNET. If you're already an Amazon Prime member or Netflix, you can also watch all of that content in its HD glory on your TV via Roku. You can also pause, skip and return to most content on your Roku at any time.

Is this hook-up for everyone? No. If you love sports or need to watch your shows live as they happen, this is not a great cable replacement.

So what are the other savings?

Most importantly, you're not paying to rent your box (like you'd be paying with a cable or satellite provider). You can watch as many movies or TV shows on demand as you want (with a Hulu Plus subscription or Netflix). I will admit though, if you want some of the brand new content available through your cable or satellite providers, you definitely won't find everything on Roku. Also, in most cases you'll be getting your prime time programming a day after everyone else via Hulu.


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