Local Author Traces Scandavian Roots In Recent Book

What makes a tale memorable?," asks Carol Elizabeth Skog. "I believe they weave together folklore, traditions and family history." Growing up hearing Swedish fairy tales, listening to Swedish music and eating Swedish food at home, Skog became determined - at the tender age of four - to go to Sweden and visit the land of her ancestors. With a Scandinavian Studies degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, Skog has spent years studying the Swedish culture, fairy tales and her genealogy. Inspired to share her journey with others, Skog blended her knowledge into the delightful new book, Enchantment Ädventyr, H.C.A. & I Understand.

This endearing journey back in time creatively blends a Swedish folklore character, with Skog's desire to reconnect to her heritage. The fairy tale envelopes readers in engaging historical lifestyles and customs, warms the reader's heart and leaves them longing to experience their own family heritage, customs and traditions.

At Swedish Nobleman Count Bonde's invitation, Skog takes us on her long desired journey to Sweden. Venture into this creative variation of a Swedish fairy tale wrapped into, and around, three traditional celebrations of holidays and family heritage. Poetic, romantic, and lyrical, the story captures the essence of the Swedish language, charming the readers.

Anyone seeking to know and understand three of the most important traditional Swedish customs and their special holiday food, will find this book delightful. The Appendix includes three holiday menus and select traditional recipes the book's characters enjoyed. Skog also includes tips and resources on how she researched her heritage.

Unique, charming and informative, Enchantment Ädventyr:

Explores Swedish heritage, ancestry, culture, customs and foodsExplains the divided heart syndrome experienced by people of many ethnicities leaving them feeling torn between the land of their heritage and of their homelandUses the elements of repetition, rhythm and rhyming found in Swedish folklore throughout her bookIncorporates the folklore element of magic to allow seeing and learning about ancestorsReminds the reader learning about the past, it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination and can have many starts and stops along the wayAsks if genetics is more than eye and hair color - can talents, interests and abilities also be inherited?

"Genealogy is the third largest hobby in the United States," adds Skog. "I wanted to share with other the feeling of wholeness and grounding I experienced through my heritage search and encourage them to seek out their own family history."

Carol Elizabeth Skog is a member and has chaired several Scandinavian groups throughout Washington, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York. She organized a two-day interactive Viking village in Fairfield, CT, complete with saga teller, Norwegian Fjörd horses, konditori, bag pipers, wood carvers, and rosemalers. In 2013 she volunteered to help with the Gunn Memorial Museum for their eight month "Swedish Immigrant Exhibit" and loaned over 100 of her personal Swedish artifacts for the exhibit. Skog studied for one year at Västkustens Ungdomsskola, Ljungskile, Sweden through the Scandinavian Seminar program and attained a degree in Scandinavian Studies with a Creative Writing minor at Pacific Lutheran University.

Website: www.carolelizabethskog.com


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