Low Cost Medical Vacations

Obamacare has been a boom to some and a bane to many.  Whatever side you stand on, healthcare affects everyone. As a result, there has been a lot of buzz about alternative venues for medical treatment.  The options to be treated abroad have grown by huge percentages.  Now, one can travel to Costa Rica, India, Malaysia, Europe and a host of other countries for various medical procedures.

Those procedures include cancer treatment, dental, weight loss, and cosmetic surgery.  The stigma of poor quality is disputed by many companies due to the American trained doctors that practice in the foreign facilities. There is also a chance to save big.  The discount on treatment varies from 50 to 70%.  An attractive feature for someone who cannot afford the US rate.

Tracy McManamon. founder and CEO of International Med Retreat, states that potential users can be processed in as little as 48 hours. Medical data is collected from the patient's American physician and sent to the prospective doctor at a chosen hospital. If the patient is approved, a meeting by Skype is arranged, allowing the patient to interview that doctor.  Within a few weeks, the customer is off to a foreign hospital with accommodations in a luxury hotel as part of the package.

Despite the hype and the vision of dramatic weight loss, the potential for a good thing going bad exists.  And if it does, the financial recovery for malpractice is complicated by foreign law.  The policy for injury varies among the different American agencies offering medical tourism.

If you're drawn to medical tourism, keep this in mind: It's best to speak to your health care provider and doctor first to find out if there are viable alternatives. It may simply be a matter of negotiating a price and repayment plan that works for everyone.

Find out more at: http://internationalmedretreat.com/


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