Stratford Internet Gap Closing

Internet and new media technologies are on the rise with Stratford users, as internet useage and internet speed and aces have steadily increased in 2012 and 2013. 

By the numbers, the average internet speed in Stratford is 21.41 megabytes per second (mbps) with over 224,000 computers and devices in town that are connected to the internet, according to Speedtest.net.  Of the 5,690 American cities and towns surveyed by Speedtest.net, Stratford ranked as the 1,451st most equipped town with information communication technologies.  This places Stratford in the top quarter in the entire country. 

Increases in internet access are due to increased mobile phone and tablet usage, as well as multiple computers and devices in residential and commercial properties.  This has allowed Stratford schools, town government and local businesses engage the community easier, and for the Stratford community to connect with each other.

Killingworth, CT took home the prize in internet connectivity and usage in the State at 30.28 mbps on average, and ranked 179th the entire country.  Stamford and Norwalk were the only major cities in CT to break the top 1500. 



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