Mayor and Board of Education Agree on 2.41% Increase to Public Schools

Mayor John Harkins and the Stratford Board of Education, led by Chairwoman Andrea Veilluex and Vice-Chairman Rob Chaloux agreed in principle to the school budget for Stratford Public Schools for Fiscal Year 2014-2015.

Educational spending in town accounts for over 60 percent of the entire municipal budget once public works and public safety services for school projects are considered. The new proposal increases the education budget by 2.41% or just over $2.3 million. Last year's Board of Education Budget was a little under $97 million.

The Board of Education and Mayor also agreed to a increase capital improvements upgrade and modernize technology in the school system of around $3 million, which will be part of the Capital Imrpovement Projects in the bond package often approved by the Town Council in the late summer/early fall.

“Board of Education members make a sizeable voluntary commitment of time to work on behalf of our students, teachers and parents. I thank each one of them for their commitment to improving our education system, and for their understanding of the significant pressure that municipal and education budgets place on property taxpayers. This budget, while not perfect, will help the board achieve its primary educational goals,” said Harkins.

The following statement was issued by board chairwoman Andrea Veilleux and vice chairman Bob Chaloux:

“Recognizing that our goal is to improve the education of our children, and that a rebuilding process is needed, the Board recognizes that for progress to occur, we will jointly work with our town officials to achieve that end."

The Town Council holds final approval of Stratford's Budget. A public hearing preceeds the Council meeting on Monday, May 12th at 6:45 pm in Town Hall Chambers.


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