Stratford 8 Year Old Saves His Father

Early in elementary school, students are taught the importance of calling 9-1-1 in the event of emergencies at home or at school.  Rarely, do these emergencies ever happen, but when they do, this valuable lesson saves lives.

Stratford 8 year old Michael Spoto applied what he was taught and saved his father's life.  Michael was home form school with a minor illness on Thursday when he noticed his father passed out in the bathroom.  Michael decisively and calmly acted by calling 9-1-1 and stayaed with his father until EMTs arrived.

In a statement to News !2 Connecticut, Michael's father detailed how calmly his son responded, "He was very soothing, touching my back, comforting me, got me a blanket. I was really shocked to see how calm he was in that situation."

Michael is being heralded as a hero by Stratford first responders and his family and friends.  Mr. Spoto was diagnosed with a severe version of the stomach bug that has been circulating the region.   


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