AT&T Teams Up With Town to Upgrade Communications

The Stratford Zoning Commission unanimously approved a proposed upgrade to the communications tower at the Fire Station located at 200 Oronoque Lane.  The current tower is about 20 years old and nearing the end of its shelf life, and is also no longer compliant with recent Federal Communication Commission standards instated in 2013.  The Stratford Planning Commission previously passed the proposal with favorable recommendation before it reached the Zoning Commission.  The current tree line is around 120-130 feet, interfering with transmissions and reception. 

The new tower will be 150 feet tall, and is a thinner, less intrusive monopole than the current structure that exists.  AT&T has teamed up with the Town of Stratford to construct the pole and provide upgraded communications.  This saves the town approximately $200,000 to install and construct the pole, and it will make additional revenue through leasing ot the pole.  In return, AT&T will be able to have an antennae installed approximately 120 feet, while the public safety communications will be installed at 150 feet and run on a separate frequency.  The pole is also capable of hosting three other service providers.

The Town of Stratford and AT&T saw mutual opportunity to bolster an area with both disrupted cellular service and upgraded public safety communications. 




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