Bullying Tormented Former SHS Student Who Threatened Schools

Natalie Carpenter made local and national headlines with her arrest in Torrington one month ago following a threat she and her friend, Peter Thulin,  made to students at high schools in Stratford and Danbury.  Carpenter lived in Stratford prior to her move to Torrington. She was arrested on charges to threaten to kill students at Danbury and Stratford high schools, and was fascinated with the Columbine massacre in 1999, which cited bullying as a primary motivation for the crime. 

Officials unsealed the warrant for Carpenter's arrest on April 1st and revealed a tormented soul who was victimized by bullying in Stratford.  It detailed a grim plot where Carpenter and Thulin were to shoot targets at Danbury High School before coming down and camping out at Stratford High School where they planned a murder-suicide similar to the Columbine and Sandy Hook massacres.  They expressed intentions to wait until they were 21 to be able to purchase legal fire arms before enacting the plot.  Carpenter was often overhead at Hope House about her plans to seek actionable revenge. 

Carpenter was living at Hope House, a facility for those who suffer from developmental and stress disorders in Torrington, at the time of the threats and her arrest.  She and a a friend, Peter Thulin, conspired to "shoot up the school" according to statements made by her mother, Carpenter suffered from a  range of psychological trauma and disorder and has admitted to being suicide and suffering frm mood disorders and engage in cutting and other self mutilation behavior.  Carpenter's diaries detail her experiences as being bullied at Stratford and Bunnell High Schools when she was a student at each. 

Bullying has been one of the underlying issues that plagued Carpenter, as well as the shooters in Columbine and countless other acts of school and workplace violence.  Recently, The Stratford Library's Teen Department holds regular forums on bullying where it invites experts, authors and others who experience bullying to give teens and young adults forums to cope with the issues of bullying and social isolation. Recently, author and cartoonist Jerry Craft, spoke about his writings, "Bullying Has NO Boundaries" with Stratford teens at the library. 

Catching the warning signs of stress related disorders that result from bullying is key to preventing violent outbreaks, and family and friends are encouraged to speak to those they think are suffering from this torment.  It is also imperative to stop bullying, according to the presentation Craft presented to students on March 18. 

A link to the unsealed court documents, provided by WTNH, can be found here, caution there are disturbing narratives in the documents: http://wx.wtnh.com/local/documents/doc11050820140401113802.pdf



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