How to prepare an emergency plan: blueprint for business

Stratford's Local Emergency Planning Committee has issued an open invitation to businessmen to attend a May 9 meeting focused on preparing a contingency plan to deal with disaster and developing of list of available resources to minimize the disruption.

Research shows when no plan is in place up to seven in 10 businesses fail inside of three years following a disaster, said a statement released by the committee.

The meeting has been arranged for 9 a.m. May 9 at Main Enterprises (1180 Stratford Rd.) with Ken Oppedisano, president of the company, as host. There is no charge to attend.

Oppedisano is also to address the group on the impact of Super Storm Sandy. Among the other speakers are Jonathan Gottfried, deputy fire chief of Stratford, Paul Plouffe, president and CEO of ServiceMaster of Greater Bridgeport, and Robert Kenny, Region 1 coordinator for the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management Homeland Security.

Plouffe's topic covers how to mitigate business disruptions. He said the committee is committed to expanding participation beyond public services to draw more interest from the private sector.

"It's important for the business community and the public to recognize there are resources to be tapped when disasters like major storms and floods hit our area or chemical spills occur or there is a propane gas explosion." said Plouffe. "You can get back on your feet much quicker if you know in advance where to go for help, for example where beds are available, how the health department can assist and even where boarding for pets is available. "

"We want to promote a collaborative initiative to pool resources and enhance the effectiveness of a great community service," he said.


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