Botched Robbery at KFC on Barnum Ave

Tow masked men tried to get their hands on some money and chicken wings before the store could even open.  At approximately 10:30 am Monday morning, two yet to be identified perpetrators broke into the Kentucky Friend Chicken on Barnum Avenue.

The two suspects came in through an unlocked backdoor, but are reported to have not taken any property from the KFC.  They punched the manager in the face, and suffered minor injuries.  The two suspects are still at large as police are investigating the incident.

A video from security cameras depict the two suspects.  Anyone with knowledge of the break in are encouraged to contact the Stratford Police.  Video provided by News 12 CT.  http://connecticut.news12.com/news/video-released-in-attempted-robbery-of-kfc-in-stratford-1.7926173


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