Whippoorwill Lane Pumpkin Book Bridge Closed for Repairs

Whippoorwill Lane, near Mill River Country Club that connects Cutspring Road to Main Street and Putney is undergoing repairs to sure up its infrastructure and intregity, causing delays for anyone trying to pass.  It is a popular cut-through for north town motorists looking to and from get to River Road and Main Street to Cutspring Road and Huntington Road. 

Construction will begin on June 1 to provide safety upgrades for the bridge that allows access over Pumpkin Brook, which feeds into Mill River Country Club's golf course.  The Connecticut Department of Transportation recently downgraded the grade of the metal pipe that allows for water to flow from Pumpkin Brook and support the bridge to fair condition.  The new bridge will have a natural bottom, making it more eco friendly and have better aesthetics with wooden handrails and stone stamped headwalls.

Construction is anticipated to end in the fall and police advise using caution when traveling on Whippoorwill Lane. 


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