Winter Skin Care Tips!


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...That's the message from Ardsley's own skin care expert Gladys Bergamin.  Ms. Bergamin is a licensed aesthetician in the state of New York and she advocates preventative measures to protect your skin from harsh winter weather. 

I have very fair and extremely dry skin.  When it is zero degrees outside I am prone to chaffing and redness on my face and hands. I believe that I have even gotten a sunburn while shoveling snow!  Everyone's skin is different, however, there are measures that we can all take to protect ourselves from signs of aging and skin cancer.

Here are three questions I asked her this month:

HamletHub: Should you wear sunscreen in the winter? What if you are dark skinned?

Gladys: You should always wear SPF. It is a myth that sunscreen is unnecessary during the winter even on dark, cloudy winter days. While you do not need to wear sunscreen if you are going to remain inside all day, however, you are exposed to sunlight through a window. Even people with dark skin should wear sunscreen. Also, UVA rays are emitted by computer screens, so always protect yourself, to be on the safe side.  Include sunscreen in your daily routine and you will never forget.

HamletHub: What protection is recommended, especially with outdoor activities?

Gladys:  Choose a product that blocks UVA and UVB rays. An SPF 30 gives about 96 percent protection. Apply a decent amount and be diligent about reapplication. Apply it one hour before going in the sun or as part of your skin care morning routine. For winter sports enthusiasts, if you plan on extended outdoor activities, such as skiing, remember that the intensity of sunlight reflecting off snow is much stronger than when you are outside normally.  You should reapply more often.

HamletHub:  How should we protect our skin in the winter?

Gladys: During harsh winter months, the skin is under constant attack. Hydrating and applying protection is essential. Extremes in temperature and humidity such as dryness from indoor heat and walking in the brisk cold air, can easily strip the skin from its natural oils. Try to include healing ingredients, such as shea or cocoa butter, in your skin care regimen and moisturize as needed. I also recommend using a humidifier in your bedroom to protect your skin.

Check in with the HamletHub for more skin care tips from Gladys coming soon!


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