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City of Yonkers Green Policy Task Force

"All the Green News That's Fit to Print"
October 2013

The City of Yonkers Green Policy Task Force, established on Earth Day in 2007,

is comprised of seven community volunteers, each appointed by a City Council member, and a representative selected by the city administration. Its members compile research on and submit potential legislative initiatives to the City Council; work on environmental quality-of-life improvements for the Yonkers community; apply for and administer environmental grants; define public health issues for the city; and foster educational outreach for Yonkers students and the community-at-large.

Downtown Yonkers Green Tour is Nov. 2

Our Members:

Chairperson: Terry Joshi

City Council President: Chuck Lesnick with Robert Walters

District 1: Councilmember Christopher Johnson with Clifford Schneider

District 2: Majority Leader Wilson Terrero with Nortrud Spero

District 3: Councilmember Michael Sabatino with Robert Hothan

District 4: Councilmember Dennis Shepherd with Terry Joshi

District 5: Councilmember Mike Breen with Molly Roffman

District 6: Minority Leader John Larkin with Mel Goldstein

Mayor Mike Spano's Appointee: Brad Tito

Coordinator: Laura Fahrenthold


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