Illegal Dumping on Yonkers Aqueduct Trail

Last week, The City of Yonkers became the second  town in Westchester County to use surveillance cameras for the purpose of documenting litter bugs. The innovative law is a necessary tool in the battle against illegal trash dumping on the roads and on the streets of Yonkers.

The new law allows the police  to use recorded images as evidence of littering or dumping.

Illegally discarded trash can be seen throughout the city and much of it appears to come from cars because it typically appears on roads with lots of traffic.

But there are still hot spots where dumping escapes the camera's eye.  The Croton Aqueduct trail is a favorite dumping area. There are no cameras posted. Although, the area is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government, it still presents an eyesore to the community.  

The historic trail which is enjoyed by joggers, bikers, and nature lovers is frequently undermined by graffiti and garbage. Perhaps it is time to allow cameras there also. 

(Photos taken at OCA entrance on Lamartine between Warburton and N. Broadway 7/24/2017.)




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