Latest Important Info on Puerto Rico

•CURFEW / ALCOHOL LAW: Both continue indefinitely. Anyone who does not comply will be arrested and the penalty is 6 months in jail. Businesses that serve alcohol, are going to lose their license for 6 months. Exceptions to breaking the "curfew": medical emergencies only.

•GOVERNMENT COMMUNICATIONS: The network is reestablishing itself. There are two Gov. brigades with escorts, focused only to make way for the antennas so that telecommunications can be restored.

•CELLULAR NETWORK: The AT&T system had faults in the system by a blind cut on an optical fiber. The issue was solved. T-Mobile managed to re-establish its network and clients NEED to activate their data "ROAMING" service in order to communicate, which of course will be free. Claro service is the one that has worked best at the moment. Also, it is recommended that people with I-Phone put the settings of their data in 3G.

•INTERNET: the underwater cable that provides service to the island is still being fixed.

•WATER: Some areas have water service. All residents are on Water Boil Advisory. DO NOT drink from the tap.

•FOODS / SUPPLIES: There have been over 1,500 vans of medicines, food, appliances, generators and consumables received. Already 75 vans have been unloaded. 1,000 more were expected today. There is a concentrated logistics line that allows these resources to be brought to the towns/villages

•FOODS / SUPPLIES: LOGISTICS: in relation to all food / supplies being received, a single centralized effort will be carried out by the Red Cross + Family + 1st Lady, to be distributed to all PR.

•FOOD / SUPPLIES: VARIOUS MUNICIPALITIES: they will be receiving shipments with water, food, top necessities for the town. There are already trucks on the way and will continue in the next few days.

•FOOD / SUPPLIES: 4 CENTERS: Four centers will be opened up in Aguadilla, Bayamón, Canóvanas and Ceiba, which will provide supplies to 30-35 additional municipalities.

•PATIENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: The Dept. of Health urged them to call their "suppliers" for assistance.

•GASOLINE: Governor acknowledges that it's been a cause for concern. "I call for calm. I reiterate that there is gasoline, we have fuel, but are establishing the logistics of drivers + operators that were not damaged and are able to work.

"Total Gas stations" have 70 stations open; Gulf has 40 (can open 40 more), PUMA has 60 (can 30 more), Shell has 15 (can open 46 more). Ecomax still unknown, some mayors are working to know status of Ecomax stations.

•INCOMING FUEL SHIPS: Port of Yabucoa opened up, already established. Total / Shell / American Petroleum will be receiving additional shipments.

•INTERNAL REVENUE / GAS TAX: it is going to exempt for the next two weeks. This makes new companies bring DIESEL to PR. The intention and requirement is that this diesel must be taken first to Hospitals, Dialysis Centers and Elderly Care homes.

•PORTS: everything that has arrived has been authorized given the nature of the island's status.

•FEMA continues to support the PR Government (700 FEMA employees are in PR and more to come)

SAN JUAN AIRPORT: The capacity of this airport is very limited. The control tower is not operating fully and the radar has suffered from service lapses. This affects which flights can enter and leave simultaneously. In addition, the airport has no air conditioning and multiple people flocked to it to see if they can leave the island, causing overcrowding. It is recommended that you confirm your flight before. Tomorrow Monday, 25th there will be a press conference.

•AIRLINES: AA AND JETBLUE: They are operating humanitarian flights first and land a very limited number of commercial flights with passengers. The majority of the crew is made up of volunteers, military and supplies for the island. There have been many cancellations because of the low capacity experienced by the airport operations. It is expected that the departure of commercial passenger planes will resume on Friday Sept. 29 ( if the situation of the airport has improved).

•CEIBA AIRPORT: Will be the base where all the resources of FEMA (generators, food, water) will arrive to distribute to the 78 municipalities.

•MISSIONS TO AREAS (to municipalities that can not be reached by car): air bridge has already opened, barges continue to dock with resources, 10 municipalities are going to be visited.

•MAIL / USPS: This agency announced today that it will not open tomorrow Monday 25 as expected. They do not have a specific date to start their operations.

•RICANS IN THE US: Basic necessities are being collected in several US cities, including: Orlando, Miami, Dallas, DC, Boston, Tampa, Los Angeles, New York. Also, there are several events in states like: Ohio, Maryland and Virginia, among others

•ENERGY TO HOSPITALS: HIMA San Pablo and Centro Medico already have electric service. Today (Sunday) there was a brigade working in the Hosp. Ashford Presbyterian.

•BANKS: Tomorrow Banco Popular will open the following branches: San Juan: Miramar, Popular Center, Caparra, Altamira (Guaynabo), San Patricio Mall, Valencia, Los Colobos, Muñoz Rivera, Señorial Center& Montehiedra. Bayamón: Bayamón Center, Rexville Sur & Santa Rosa. Central Este: Las Catalinas, Humacao Este & Caguas Pueblo. Santander, Scotiabank & Oriental will also open in a few unspecified locations.

•SECURITY: Federal Authorities are still in charge of the island's security, working closely with The Army and local Police. 25 looters have been arrested and 4 curfew violators detained.


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