Asian, African, Latino Entrepreneurs Needed

Calling all successful Asian and African and Latino born entrepreneurs!
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Summary: Seeking Successful Immigrant Entrepreneurs of Asian / African / Latino descent, for a new Book.

Category: Business and Finance

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Deadline: 7:00 PM EST - 10 December


For an upcoming book planned to be published on March 10th 2019 through TellWell Publishing and distributed through Amazon,
Chapters and Indigo, we're looking to feature immigrant
entrepreneurial stories.

If you, or your client, is a successful
entrepreneur/business owner that was born in Africa, Asia or
South America, we would love to feature them in an upcoming book
meant to inspire newly arrived immigrants. Please answer the
following with a short paragraph for each (you will be contacted
for more details if needed.

What's your name, company name and

Which country did you emigrate from?

Why did you or your
family decide to immigrate?

What was the most difficult thing
you faced when you arrived in the US?

What was your very first

Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur?

(c.f. What
triggered you?)

How did you raise the money necessary to launch
your business? (e.g. did you find an investor?

Did you borrow
from the bank?

Did you save money by working a 9 to 5? Please
tell us your story)

What was the most difficult thing you faced
when you first started your business?

Why do you think you have
been successful?

What advice do you have for newly arrived
immigrants that want to pursue the path of entrepreneurship?

will feature ALL stories that meet our criteria. (total of the
answers must be at least 500 words).

*be a successful business owner employing more than yourself (no
"solopreneurs") *be a first-generation immigrant born in Africa,
Asia or South America. (moved to North America afterwards and
started your business there).


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