Charity Pays Your Medical Bill Debt

Craig Antico will be a guest on Westchester Eye on the Radio on 12/17/2018.  https://www.ripmedicaldebt.org/

Antico is the co founder of a non profit called RIP. The organization buys medical debts from hospitals and debt sellers at a discount and forgives them. The debt is then removed from credit reports and is no longer collectible. 

As of Nov.6th, 2018, $50 million was targeted for medical debt forgiveness for US vets and their families.  http://www.newser.com/story/268218/2-women-wipe-out-medical-debt-for-1k-strangers.html

If you have medical debts and want to register with the charity, go to this link. https://www.ripmedicaldebt.org/get-help/

For more info, tune into Westchester Eye on the Radio from 3-4pm tomorrow. The show will be broadcast on WVOX 1460AM and  streamed live at wvox.com. 


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