Women's Empowerment Program

Gina Avila will be a guest on Westchester Eye on the Radio on 2/18/2019. She is the founder of the Women's Empowerment Institute. https://www.wei-ny.org

 The Women’s Empowerment Institute (WEI) is in the process of developing a job-skills training program for women aged 18-64. Participants will receive training in English, writing and computers as well as professional development sessions and career development support with the objective of preparing them for employment and/or a pathway to access a college education.

We are also establishing a Young Girl’s Empowerment Group (YGEG) workshop, which is an 8-10-week program to inspire girls attending our local high schools. The Young Girl’s Empowerment Group will support the needs of adolescent girls through inclusion despite the diversity of their backgrounds, and regardless of whether they have been identified as “in trouble”. They all have one thing in common - they are young women trying to build their lives in a society that frequently does not provide adequate safety, healing, education, growth and personal and emotional health. 

YGEG’s curriculum has been created to empower young women from diverse backgrounds to become strong leaders in their schools and communities. We achieved this through group and one-on-one support sessions, events, and mentorship, inspiring them to gain a voice and build confidence, resilience and leadership skills.

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